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Peer Insights for Family Office Investors

Welcome to Family Office Insights.

Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors.



Why Attend:  Gain vital perspective from peers and thought leaders on critical issues and trends. FOI gatherings provide unmatched private environment to connect with, opportunities, global leaders, and community with peers.
"Quality of participants was visibly better than other family office events that I attended. I could see that the organizer was selective and was focused on quality rather than quantity." Single Family Office
Who attends?   The majority of attendees are family office executives, investors, principals or family members. Attendance is strictly limited and by invitation only. Investment managers & service provider attendance is limited to presenters.


Who is in the community? The members of the Peer-to-Peer investor community are family offices and investors who have voluntarily “opted-in” to the Family Office Insights community often referred by others in the community.

How it works: Family Office Insights organizes and hosts facilitated sessions for smaller private groups, designed to foster meaningful relationships and collaborations between the investor community, via in-depth asset class/manager due diligence, and expert discussions on a topic selected by each group. Presenters benefit from sharing with a group of investors who have specifically requested to hear their insights.

Family Office advisor Workshops

Why Attend: The FOI family office Advisor Workshops are a rare and unmatched opportunity to gain valuable perspective on the critical issues affecting family offices. Learn the latest trends and greatest industry concerns directly from discussions made up of the family office investors themselves and industry thought leaders. If you seek to provide investors with professional services, asset management services, and non-financial lifestyle enhancement services, you will benefit from the opportunity for direct industry connections at private meetings and casual community receptions at these FOI family office advisor Workshops.
Who attends? Wealth managers, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, private equity funds, commercial and multi-family offices, prime brokers, clearing firms, attorneys, accountants, administrators and a variety of financial and non-financial service providers to the ultra-wealthy.

Co-Investment Opportunities

For over 15 years Family Office Insights & The Bavelas Group has curated learning environments that have facilitated innumerable relationships among investors and family office peers. It turns out that gathering and sharing ideas that enhance current and future wealth is a good idea. The FOI investor community comprises of family offices and investors who invest as principles and offer co-investment opportunities to other FOI investor community.

How it works: Specific co-investment opportunities are selected by each FOI investor community group. Presentations are made, evaluations are conducted, and participations are made available from investor principles to Investor community. After evaluation is conducted, and presentations made, participation is made available to investor community from investor principles.