Family Office Funding Challenge

Family Office Funding Challenge

Family Office Funding Challenge FAQs

What is the Family Office Insights model?

Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of over 20,000 family offices and other investors who have qualified for invitations to investor gatherings.

We accelerate the nexus of connectivity to family office investors who invest in your type of offering or opportunity. One can meet all these family offices without a FOI investor gathering. It just may take 2-3 years. We simply convene a group of FOI member family offices who are actively investing in your type of opportunity and choose to be pitched. They attend a private pitch arranged just for you at an intimate luncheon in New York City. We invite over 800+ primarily single-family offices with an invitation which includes a short interview that specifically explains your ask. You are the only presenter during a pitch luncheon from 12-2 PM. There are no other presenters and we provide you with all the contact information for the investors who attend. We are also able to expose your opportunity to 2000+ family offices and the 20,000+ FOI readership via our Peer Insights Report Q&A/short video. Examples here:

We charge presenters who qualify $16,000 to present to an intimate (15-30) group of investors who have “opted-in” to learn more. The Family Office Funding challenge will enable our selected winners to “jump the line and skip the fee” and present to our self-selecting group of family office investors who are interested in the specific opportunity.

The Family Office Funding Challenge. We do not accept success fees. We do not offer investment advice. And to be clear, we are not a broker dealer, Registered Investment Advisor or investment advisory firm nor do we accept fees of any kind relating to an investment in opportunities from investors or presenters.

“We strive to create a safe, private, curated environment where investors access deal flow that interests them and learn from their peers.” Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Founder Family Office Insights

How does the Family Office Funding Challenge Work?

A select group of top entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe will be chosen to present their breakthrough investment opportunities to our Family Office Insights investor network at a private solo investor luncheon. 

How do I qualify to present?

By completing the free Family Office Funding Challenge application at: and if qualifying as a Finalist, submitting the $295.00 Finalist processing fee and answering additional questions regarding your traction and funding status. 

How will I know if I qualify?

You will be notified by email.

What happens after I qualify as a Finalist, submit my processing fee and answer the additional questions regarding traction and funding status?

After completing the free Family Office Funding Challenge application and being notified that you have qualified as a Finalist, you will be asked to submit the $295.00 Finalist application fee and answer additional questions regarding your traction and funding status.

Finalist applications are reviewed by an investment committee of family office investor judges and winners are chosen to present to 15 -30 family office investors as the sole presenter at an intimate investor luncheon. 

You will be notified by email within 4 – 6 weeks after submitting your Finalist application if you have been chosen to present and will be assigned a presentation time frame to present in New York City.  If you are not able to travel to NYC, we will arrange a video pitch session. Additional details will be provided to winners of the Family Office Challenge upon notification of their selection.

What type of family offices or investors will I expect to meet?

Your investor audience will include the panel of judges that chose you, and a select targeted group of 15-30 of their family office investor peers who have also reviewed your opportunity in detail and who invest in your type of business. 

What type of opportunities are the family office investors interested in?

The Family Office investor community is interested in a wide range of opportunities across geographies and sectors.  This Family Office Challenge is focused on early-stage innovators across the globe.

Where are the gatherings located?

Mostly in a variety of private locations in New York City.

Why New York? 

New York City, the global finance capitol, has surpassed Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle to become the second largest startup ecosystem with $12B+ invested in early stage companies last year – and it’s the only U.S. city where early-stage investment is on the rise.  And we’ve spent decades building relationships with family offices, so you can access this vast pool of patient, discerning capital. 

Can the investor community contact me directly after the investor luncheon?

Yes, you will be able to interact directly with interested investors after the event, provided you have exchanged contact information. We also maintain information on your opportunity on our website/database that is searchable by our investor community.

How many gatherings are held?

We organize as many as 5 gatherings per quarter.

How do the gatherings work?

Family Office Insights gathering process:

Attendees have “opted in” to learn from the presenter so they completely expect to be pitched and will share their contact information.

After the gathering, a call is scheduled to debrief with presenters and add some color to attendee profiles. Missing contact information will be provided as well.

What happens if I don’t qualify as a Finalist?

You can reapply as many times as you like.

What happens if I qualify as a Finalist but don’t win the investor luncheon?

Don’t worry, you can reapply again in the 12 months following your Finalist application submission – we’ll waive the application fee!

What if have more questions?

Contact us at

Family Office Insights Community Stats

Over $280 million in allocations over the last 24 months

3000 Registered & Segmented Crypto, ICO, Block Chain, Digital Asset Investors

2000 Registered & Segmented Family Office Investors 

5000 Registered & Segmented Private Equity Allocators

3000 Registered & Segmented Real Estate Investors

2000 Registered & Segmented Attorneys and Accountants

1000 Registered & Segmented Angel, Venture & Early Stage Investors

Radically Transparent Non-Conflicted Model

Disclosure: We do not accept success fees or commissions.

A few Family Office Insights prior qualifiers:

A few Family Office Insights prior qualifiers: