March 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 575

Q&A with Dario Fusato of Money Multiplier


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Money Multiplier is an innovative startup that aims at providing financial certainty to retirees in the last stage of retirement. How? By providing a lump sum to retirees when they reach a certain age. It works like the opposite of life insurance: you get paid if you live, not if you die! But, like term life insurance, the lump sum received is significantly higher than the investment.
In technical terms, the Money Multiplier allows people to better access the right amount of money throughout retirement by matching available funds with retirees’ life cycles.

The Money Multiplier is like private Social Security, i.e., an investment tool that can be funded anytime during people’s life cycle and that financially protects investors from running out of money during the last stages of life.


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 March 25th at 2:15-3:15pm EST

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What makes the Money Multiplier different from all other retirement products?

Two things. Compared to other retirement products, the Money Multiplier offers a significantly higher return on investment and requires a smaller amount of money invested to produce the desired outcome.

Where can I purchase the Money Multiplier?

We are working with leaders in benefit administration to offer the Money Multiplier through common retirement plans like IRAs/401ks. It will also be available through large networks of financial advisors and our proprietary digital retirement platform.

Why has nobody else done something similar already?

There are a number of reasons. First, the design of the Money Multiplier requires deep technical competency in investment management, life insurance, and regulatory issues. It therefore requires a multidisciplinary skill set that is not present in siloed financial institutions.
Second, it is possible that many organizations benefit from the fees and average returns of current retirement products. They have limited incentive to come up with innovative products that may change the status quo.

Dario Fusato of Money Multiplier

Dario invested the last decade in playing key roles in building two innovative and successful businesses. He is well-known in the world of commercial insurance brokerage for his contributions to the initial development and success of Aon Grip Solutions and Gallagher SmartMarket, both of which brought data analytics into large commercial P&C brokerages. Recently, Dario launched Risk Agencies, a national insurance business that designs and builds innovative distribution channels for the benefit of both clients and carriers. Before that, Dario spent years at McKinsey and Co., where he was involved in mathematics-heavy capital management projects in fifteen countries on three continents. The author of numerous journal articles, Dario holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering with a dissertation on the handling qualities of military helicopters.
Dario is also a Multiengine Commercial Pilot with thousands of hours under his belt, a volunteer math teacher, an angel pilot, and an avid skier. Contact Dario: