November 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 347

Q&A with Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

Founder and CEO

Principal Series:

The MontSegur Project


The AR2C Automated Deep AI Trade Platform


The MontSegur Project is unique in that it was designed from the ground-up by The Aristotle Group Limited.   The Aristotle Group provides military-grade geopolitical and financial intelligence professionals, specializing in Psychological Operations and Cyber Intelligence.

Where the mission is not to manage risk…

            The mission is to eliminate risk.

The MontSegur Project consists of:

 1)    MontSegur Bank: The first bank to exclusively specialize in incubating advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based projects.

MontSegur Bank is the trading bank for the AR2C Trade Platform: The first completely Automated Deep AI Neural-net trading, to use Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms, and Neural-psychological Modeling, that constantly seeks a mathematical near-zero risk.


2)  MontSegur SA:  The first asset management and trust company designed by Global Geopolitical and Financial Intelligence Professionals to exclusively provide safe-haven, crisis-proof investment products, not available from conventional asset management (In 2020, conventional asset managers cost investors $7 Trillion in the S&P alone.).

There are 3 levels of investment in The MontSegur Project featuring The AR2C Trade Platform:  

Minimum Investment is $700,000.  Lender/investor is able to trade the AR2C platform on a limited basis: Maximum profits $7,000,000.

Interim Investor is $2,400,000: Lender/ Investor is able to trade the AR2C platform for maximum profits up to $24,000,000.

Full Investor of $4,700,000: Lender/ Investor as partner in the MontSegur Project Development bank gains:

  1. Unlimited trading of AR2C  for life, or the life of their estate planning entity.
  2. The ability to accrue profits in a passive tax environment.  MontSegur Project Development Bank.
  3. Financial services professionals, have the opportunity to work directly with MontSegur SA in providing our ultimate Financial Fortress completely market agnostic, crisis-proof investment products, only available at MontSegur SA.

Only Lenders/Investors, Directors, and Team Members, will be permitted to participate in AR2C.  All investments are 100% securitized at 7.5% p/a, and principal paid back in 5 years.

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Nov 4, 2020 02:15 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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How is investing in MontSegur different that other investments?

Traditionally, a company produces a product or service, that comes with the risk of competition and gaining market-share. Will the product or service be render obsolescent, outflanked by rapidly changing technology, market conditions, and competitors? Is the capital formation sufficient to weather the pains of growth, shifts in the market, new technologies that appear? Will the equity conversion and subsequent rounds of capital dilute investor participation distorting the risk to profit ratio? What is the exit strategy, is it gambling on market-makers in an IPO?

The MontSegur Investment is designed to eliminate all the risk inherent in all these issues:

1. There is no appreciable risk to investment capital. The entire investment into MontSegur and AR2C is 100% securitized. Lender/investor earns 7.5% for 5 years on their entire investment, regardless of how profitable MontSegur and AR2C is. This provides the peace of mind of a safe, built in exit strategy, without sacrificing significant upside profits.

2. There is no risk to dilution. Profits are not based on equity. The investor is licensed to trade AR2C, as an insider, according to their investment level, right next to the MontSegur founders, directors, and team.

3. There is no risk from competition or market-share. AR2C will never be offered to the public, so there is never an issue of competition with other platforms.

4. There is no risk of a competing program rendering AR2C obsolete. Regardless of who builds what in the future, AR2C will continue to perform consistently. This is because, first, traders trade the trades of other traders. If a better program is created, it will simply move the markets, just as AR2C moves the markets , just as the other 77 million traders move the market. And second, AR2C is possibly the first and only AI to utilize Genetic Algorithms, that constantly evolve AR2C by the millisecond to reflect the ever-evolving Meta-data matrix of the global economy.

How does the securitization work?

The Aristotle Group has collaborated in the creation of a private medical receivables factoring investment, that provides our lender/investor the opportunity (not available to the public), to be able to receive a 7.5% coupon on the entire investment (which includes both the MontSegur Project and the factoring investment). The lender/investor receives their total principal back at term, in 5 years.

What makes AR2C different that other trading systems ?

This requires an in-depth discussion. The short answer is, first of all, the vast majority of all algorithmic trading is not true artificial intelligence. It is just an algorithm following rules and workflow, where the objective and process is completely controlled by humans. In the financial services industry (and elsewhere) , AI is used mostly to augment humans making the decisions, due to a strong aversion to the idea of trusting Artificial Intelligence to make decisions on its own. With Deep AI, utilizing Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms, the program is constantly evolving deeper and deeper, until its level of decision-making is beyond the comprehension of those humans who created it.

Another major factor is that Artificial Intelligence is just that: It is the mimicking of human intelligence. Unless the designers of the AI has the depth of understanding of the neuropsychology of the brain during genius cognition, the AI will not reflect the neuropsychology of genius cognition. This is the specialty of AR2C designers.

There is so much more. And in-depth discussion of AR2C’s design is available.

What is the difference between what MontSegur offers Investors and Clients?

Clients - The MontSegur’s asset management and trust services are for both domestic and international HNWI clients seeking a safe-haven for at least part of the portfolio. MontSegur’s Financial Fortress, is designed by intelligence professional to provide investment products that are completely agnostic to bull or bear markets, and volatility or market stagnation. Trust services include sophisticated international asset protection strategies to protect wealth from even the most aggressive types of attacks.

Investors - Investors in AR2C and the MontSegur Project, of course have access to all the MontSegur investment products and services, but only investors have the opportunity to trade the AR2C Automated Deep AI Trade Platform, and participate in the advantages of the MontSegur Bank, including the most powerful passive tax advantage structure available to US persons.

Client Questions:

Everyone says they have real risk management, what makes MontSegur different?

Every aspect of The MontSegur Project is designed to eliminate risk (1) to the investment in MontSegur, (2) to the products MontSegur asset management offers, and (3) to the AR2C Trade Platform (AR2c operations on a fundamental design function of mathematical near-zero risk.).

We perceive a fundamental flaw in traditional wealth management philosophy, where the objective is to manage risk. In theoretical science and special operations, the objective is to completely eliminate risk. The difference is fundamental. MontSegur is designed by experts is real-world psychological operations and military-level cyber intelligence, performing sophisticated geopolitical and financial intelligence operations around the world (Not to be confused with trendy internet-based business intelligence).

Why would I place part of my portfolio with MontSegur’s asset management? What are examples of the financial products that MontSegur offers?

The world doesn’t need one more asset management and trust company. Conventional wealth management cost private wealth $6.67 Trillion dollars in the markets in just one week during the Covid-19 event. This is not the first time. Private wealth lost $16 Trillion in the 2008 Credit Crisis.

MontSegur specializes in only crisis-proof investments that earn solid profits, regardless of bull or bear markets, geopolitical black swan events, rampant volatility, or stagnating market consolidations.

Just for example, because applying Artificial intelligence to trading is our forte, we have chosen 2 extremely low-risk trade platform provided by our Swiss partners, Alpine Asset Management. One of which is their X8 cash management trading with a risk factor of <0.023. X8 never risks more than 3 cents on the dollar. Another example is, Aristotle Group has partnered with leading institution securities professionals in the medical factoring sector to create our own asset backed derivative based on the same underlying asset as our MIFI Investor Securitization. This is factoring medical receivables in the well-established, highly-regulated industry where the total risk is confined to the administrative process of collecting and services the receivables.

AR2C: Want to know more about AR2C?

- AR2C’s design is completely automated currency trading, using Deep AI Neural-nets, and is built on a mathematical near-zero risk design.

- AR2C is unique in that it combines cutting-edge neuro-psychological modeling with the application of the most advanced levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Genetic Algorithms (GAs).

- AR2C is also unique in that it is designed by both a leading-edge technologist in AI, ML, GA responsible for automating AI for military, aerospace, medical, and finance, and by an experienced trader and expert in Psychological Operations: The art and science of detecting deception, intention, and functionality is key, both for AI modeling, and to significantly improve the quality of information used in Fundamental Trading.

- AR2C employs a total of 7 completely-automated Deep AI modules, with 4-times the neuron-modeling as conventional AI. AR2C’S automated Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms are self-learning and constantly evolve, millisecond to millisecond, in response to subtly changing markets, while pursuing a mathematical near-zero Fundamental Fitness Function.

- AR2C is potentially the most powerful trade platform ever created, capable of competing with and exceeding the profits of complex and problematic Inter Bank Trade Platforms that require more than a $100 Million minimum investment. AR2C also utilizes the only known application, in any field, of extracting from the unconscious mind unfiltered ‘honest data’ (information not falsified by the conscious mind).

- AR2C is being built upon the success of two advanced platforms created by our Swiss partner, Alpine Asset Management: (1)The X8 ARM (Automated Reserve Management) - one of the lowest-risk automated currency platforms ever created (<0.028), which utilizes 75 real-time analysis parameters to minimize risk, and (2) ACCESS ADM AI Robotic Trading that takes a winning-trade signal-set, in real-time across as many as 28 currency pairs, designing entry-points, exit-points, stop-losses, with locked-in fixed maximum drawdown to suit investor risk appetite.

Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

Dr. John W. Landgraf of Montsegur S.A.

John W. Landgraf, Ph.D. – Executive Director.  Dr. Landgraf is most responsible for the MontSegur brand as the ultimate brand for financial security in a complex and volatile geopolitical world. Dr. Landgraf is a leading expert on offshore banking, specifically applying fundamental and technical overlays to both financial and geopolitical risks. He is also an authority on applying psychological metrics to cultural and political trends, and specifically to leadership and management performance. The combined metrics dramatically enhance the transformation of uncertainty into manageable risk in international transactions, capital preservation, security, and growth, by prognosticating regime and corporate leadership and the overreaching geopolitical and economic trends. Bank clients include UBS, Credit Suisse, Credit Lyonnais, Midland, Barclays, Bank of Austria, Pictet & Cie. Coming to banking from a long career in intelligence, specializing in Psychological Operations and financial risk, he gained extensive experience in emerging economies and high-risk environments. A particular focus is Russia and the former CIS, beginning with the democratization of the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s, providing geopolitical perspective to government and NGO think-tanks as well as numerous US and European companies. Subsequently, he directed similar deep-immersion operations during the emergence of China and India. Dr. Landgraf has advised presidential administrations in Taiwan, Austria, and Ukraine on global risk assessment as well as numerous government agencies, and private NGOs internationally. Dr. Landgraf is the former director of an International Offshore Trust company in the Bahamas, providing asset protection and competitive tax strategies to High Net Worth Individuals, as well as designing sophisticated bank and corporate structures for companies seeking entry into international markets to compensate for disadvantages in competitive tax environments. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology and International Relations and has lectured in over 20 countries. He divides his time between California, Hong Kong, Nassau, Bahamas, India, and London. Relevant to the AR2C Trade Platform: Technical Trading – Over 3,000 hours applying pattern reading to forex trading Psychological Operations – specializing in “reading” individuals and collectives for deception, intention, and functionality – key to translating low-noise interpretation of visible and invisible fundamentals for AR2C psychological modules. MontSegur Project Development Bank: – brings (with The Aristotle Group Intelligence Team) advanced information development skills to assessing Geopolitical risk in general, and in technology development in particular.

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