April 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 591

Q&A with Keon Zhang of Klay & Co


Principal Series:

Klay&Co is a consumer products company focused on the 96 billion-dollar US beauty industry. This newly formed operating company creates, markets and sells beauty care products based around the revolutionary properties of our exclusive Mineral Microbiome Clay (MMC). Our ambition is to deliver the highest efficacy, standard of cosmeticity and commit to the environment through a multi-brand platform powered by our exclusive Mineral Microbiome Clay.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring a revolutionary breakthrough in the skincare care industry. Beauty executive Keon Zhang has assembled capital, a team and consolidated two companies that use a ground breaking ingredient. The next step is to raise additional capital to scale these brands towards a global audience with an initial bullseye on the $90B US beauty care industry. An ex L’Oréal executive, Zhang will walk us through what it takes to stand out in the exciting and highly profitable world of beauty.

April 28th at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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What is the immediate opportunity for Klay and Co in the exploding consumer product category of beauty and self care?

There is a continuing demand for 100% natural products that are truly efficacious. Many consumers remain undecided due to greenwashing and confusion around ingredients. Klay and Co.'s immediate opportunity is to capture consumers in the natural territories where there are no clear leaders such as 100% natural skincare and body care. By providing a great natural product without compromise on efficacy and powered by our exclusive Mineral Microbiome Clay, we will establish a leadership advantage that will carry the business forward sustainably.

Klay&Co products are based around your proprietary ingredient "Mineral Microbiome Clay”. In your years of focused experience in this space, why is this a breakthrough technology?

Our exclusive Mineral Microbiome Clay is truly unique and revolutionary. Having worked with various types of clays such as French Green Clay, red clay, dead sea mud, etc., none of them have been researched to the same level and found benefits that come even close to our Mineral Microbiome Clay.

In studies conducted from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of British Columbia, they have found the properties of the clay to be truly unique and differentiated versus any other showcasing antibacterial and repairing benefits for the treatment of skin irritations, acne to actual cuts and wounds. In addition, in recent preclinical studies done by the Dabur Research Foundation (specialists in integrated research and preclinical biology), have shown clear actions of the clay on skin health through topical applications to: promoting the increase of elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen proliferation of skin fibroblasts along with anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.

What is the opportunity for investors? Why should they be excited to participate in this round?

The beauty care market is an incredibly dynamic, resilient and high growth market that is driven by independent brands. Successful independent brands are built on strong marketing and sense of purpose, which are then acquired by majors to fuel their respective growth. Klay and Co possesses a very unique opportunity where have an amazing proprietary ingredient along with strong marketing, branding and decades of know how to accelerate the growth and development of brands with the aim to be acquired by majors. With a focus on high growth, premium products, and untapped territories, we are primed to benefit from the high multiples that we see in acquisitions today (3x-10x).

Keon Zhang of Klay & Co

Keon Zhang CEO – is an expert within the consumer products goods industry with +15 years of experience in health & beauty (L’Oreal) and apparel & footwear (Nike) focused on brand development, transformation and accelerating profitable growth. Zhang was most recently the General Manager for essie, Maybelline & NYX Professional Makeup representing 25% of the cosmetics market and holding the #1 market position and fastest growing brands.

Contact Keon: keonzhang@klayco.io