May 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 307

Q&A with Nicole Loftus of SkinX

Founder & CEO

Principal Series:

SkinX is a new fund model and platform that engages the general public in the funding of privately-held, innovative businesses. The SkinX Platform includes the first and only founder-driven, comprehensive data room and diligence software and a deal-flow engine of untapped investment opportunities from nearly every zip code in America. The entire platform and fund model have a patent-pending and are built to be licensed as a turn-key solution.

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How is this fund similar to and different than other models?

SkinX is like a mutual fund in that it is an SEC registered 40 Act Fund, but it is different in that we are funding privately-held businesses that are more exciting, faster growing and not correlating to fluctuations in the public markets. SkinX is like venture capital in that we are funding growing, innovative businesses, but millions of non-accredited investors can get in the game of a publicly registered, federally regulated fund. SkinX is like Shark Tank in that we use entertaining content to engage the general public, but the viewers are the sharks debating and voting on investments. SkinX is like Kickstarter where millions of people contribute billions of dollars a year but "Skinvestors" have a hope of a return with shares in a real, thoroughly vetted portfolio.

How and when will I get my money back?

SkinX is offering a note with a grant of equity, a 2 year term with 12% interest and a personal guarantee from a proven, serial entrepreneur who's last business was #8 on the Inc. 500 and sold recently to a private equity firm. SkinX has multiple revenue streams and multiple monetizable products each with a waiting list of paying customers. We are choosing to launch the entire ecosystem as our own. The first SkinX Fund is live. We will be announcing SkinX to the public in June of 2020. Edelman has been engaged to launch a national press campaign to promote our story, Nicole's book, our innovative platform and the idea that all of America can now get skin in the game! The fund will be selling shares and performing diligence on prospective investments for the remainder of the year. Promotion and content will continue throughout the rest of the year. We will be offering sponsorships (revenue) in June to a waiting list of brands with corporate venture funds (who will also be invited to buy shares in our fund.) Our first shareholder telecast is scheduled for January 2021. We are projecting EBITDA of $23 million by the end of year 2, a billion in revenue by 2025 and a billion in EBITDA by 2026. COVID has only accelerated interest in SkinX because our funds are non-correlative to the market and the country needs a feel-good opportunity for a small amount of investment ($25.00 minimum) to contribute to big impacts on businesses, job creation and innovation. Skin promotes the idea that we are more powerful in the aggregate, we all have Skin in the Game. If there is some unforeseen delay and cash is needed to repay notes, SkinX can easily productize and monetize our diligence software and/or deal flow engine to the market for a healthy cash flow and easily repay the note.

Why are you doing this?

Six years ago, Nicole Loftus, fed up with the venture capital game, set out to build a better model for funding entrepreneurs. The first year was spent performing research on the systemic problems with the current venture capital industry. Nicole discovered that 85% of venture capital goes to three states, California, Massachusetts and New York, leaving the other 47 states and the 264 million Americans that live there completely shut out of not only the capital for entrepreneurs, but of all the benefits, revenue, jobs, infrastructure and innovation that comes ONLY from funded businesses. It was also clear that VC's were focused on unicorns solving “one-percenter” problems like ride-sharing or food delivery; ignoring thousands of lucrative innovative businesses solving problems that impact everyone and provide a lovely ROI. Nicole engaged brilliant thought leaders in workshopping through the problems and how to solve them. The mission became clear, "increase the number and diversity of investors and we will increase the number and diversity of investments. (diverse in geographic location, sector, stage, etc.)" We needed to get every American in the game! Ultimately Nicole's team expanded to K&L Gates, where partner Diane Ambler, an expert in SEC Fund structure, built the blueprint for what is today the SkinX Fund Model a patented, licensable turn-key solution ready to change the game for good. The first fund is live today. Nicole's team includes the biggest talents in fund services, fintech, compliance, regulation, risk, diligence, entertainment and all of them believe in mission, see this as a legacy opportunity to create generational wealth for themselves but also to change the game for good.

Nicole Loftus of SkinX

Nicole Loftus is an Inc. 500 #8 Founder & CEO who successfully disrupted a $20 billion industry with her tech-enabled innovation. She’s at it again. This time Nicole is changing the venture capital game by getting every American in the game, funding innovative businesses, creating great jobs and changing the game for good. Contact Nicole: N@SkinX.Fund