November 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 560

Q&A with Ravi Choudhry of Plant Craft Foods, Inc. | THE PIZZA PLANT

Co-founder | Vice Chairman

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100% Organic Plant-Based Pizzas
Amazon, Whole Foods, Gelson’s

Plant Craft Foods, Inc. is a healthy lifestyle brand that produces organic plant-based pizzas and alternative proteins. It is the parent company of The Pizza Plant founded in 2018 by Marvin V. Acuna and Ravi Choudhry with the mission of creating delicious 100% organic, plant-based pizzas that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our vision is simple:
“Make healthy yet hearty plant-based pizzas without sacrificing taste.”

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How big is the plant-based pizza market?

A: $15B USA, $50B Global

Pizza Stats:
$150B Global Pizza Industry
$50B USA Pizza Industry
$20B Frozen Pizza Industry

Problem 1:
There is not one pizza brand that is universally recognized as the “healthy pizza” that everyone can eat.

Problem 2:
1/3rd of population cannot eat pizza due to food allergies and dietary preferences (lactose intolerance, high cholesterol, vegan, celiac, etc.)

Opportunity: THE PIZZA PLANT aims to capture the dominant share of the 1/3rd of the population that cannot eat pizza — one simple brand with high-quality healthy pizzas.

What is the vision for THE PIZZA PLANT?

THE PIZZA PLANT brand name is envisioned to be synonymous with the world’s best “healthy pizzas.”
1. Brand:
THE PIZZA PLANT | “We Grow Pizza!”

2. Vision:
The World’s Healthy Pizza (grocery stores, hotels, sports venues, airlines, etc.).

3. Quality:
100% Organic Plant-Based Pizza made with our own proprietary plant-based toppings: dough, sauce, cheese, toppings. Advanced Agriculture Technology and regenerative organic farming to grow our high-quality organic ingredients.

4. Nutrition Technology:
THE PIZZA PLANT App technology is being developed to aggregate pizza consumer data/consumer allergies, pizza preferences and pizza nutrition labels.

What is THE PIZZA PLANT’s business model and what traction has it had so far?

Our business model is Plant-Based Food Technology and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) for grocery distribution.

We are distributed by UNFI, the country’s largest natural food distributor, to high-quality grocers including Whole Foods Market, Gelson’s Market, Clark’s Nutrition and online grocery retailers including GTFO It’s Vegan and Amazon Fresh.

THE PIZZA PLANT manufactures two (2) organic products from our 20,000 co-packing facility in Sylmar, California:
1) frozen plant-based pizzas and
2) proprietary plant-based pizza toppings

Traction - In only 18 months (during Covid) we have rapidly expanded with purchase orders slated for national expansion,
110 stores existing
315 stores Q1 2022
500 stores Q1 2023

Growth - We are also developing two (2) significant revenue streams for national and global expansion:
1) hotel pizza distribution and
2) pizza nutrition technology

Ravi Choudhry of Plant Craft Foods, Inc. | THE PIZZA PLANT

Marvin V. Acuna
Founder / Chairman
Entrepreneur, entertainment industry executive & brand-maker
• Founder, Chairman of Plant Craft Foods, Inc.
• Founder, CEO of Rainmakers Productions
• James Beard Foundation & Sundance Film Festival
• 20 years entertainment and corporate brand-making
• Philanthropy: The Pulmonary Hypertension Association

Ravi Choudhry
Co-Founder / Vice Chairman
Entrepreneur, institutional investment manager & financier
• Co-Founder, Vice Chairman of Plant Craft Foods, Inc.
• Founder, CEO of Equity Urban Investors
• The Hollywood Palladium & Kimpton Hotels
• $5.0B+ Institutional Investment Management
• M.S., B.S. Johns Hopkins & Columbia University

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