October 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 261

Q&A with Rehan Huda of Green Sky Labs Inc.

CEO and Director

Principal Series:

Green Sky Labs Inc. (GSL) is a Canadian based technology incubation company focused on the cannabis industry. The company is now commercializing five business verticals through potential public offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. The business lines include the following: 1) a partnership with the world’s leading membrane technology company for extracting cannabinoids at high levels of purity with low variable costs; 2) a chemistry-based cannabinoid isolation technology company to produce 99.99 percent cannabinoid isolates at low costs and high yields; 3) an exclusive solutions provider for a consortium led by IBM and leading insurance companies and health care providers to find innovative treatments in the chronic pain segment using AI, blockchain and machine learning; 4) a hemp cultivation division which will harvest 4000 acres of hemp this year with the majority of the crop already pre-sold; and 5) a pharmaceutical research and development company focused on clinical trials for some leading indications using cannabinoid therapy. Green Sky Labs Inc. website

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There has been considerable news about CBD recently, how large is this market?

The passing of the U.S. Farm Bill in December 2018, has brought massive change to the industrial hemp world. It has made hemp a legally recognized farm commodity in the US, which can be cultivated processed and sold as an agricultural product. Hemp and hemp derived products such as CBD can now also be transported across US state lines. The CBD market is expected to be a $5 billion industry in the U.S. by the end of 2019, a growth of over 700% from 2018. A recent report estimates that the total CBD market in the U.S. could reach $24 billion by 2023.

What makes GSL unique in this industry?

GSL deploys disruptive and leading technologies in each of its five business verticals. 1) Kalmex’s Technology Partner - Petro Sep was founded by graduate students at the University of Ottawa working under Dr. Takeshi Matsuura and Dr. Srinivasa Sourirajan, pioneers in the development of the reverse osmosis membranes. 2) Nectar Health Sciences a chemical discovery by one of our scientists, Dr. Tony Durst, at the University of Ottawa who discovered a reagent that isolates pure cannabinoids efficiently. 3) My Pain Sensei is a collaboration with IBM which will use IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities as well as IBM’s secure blockchain platform to recommend proven alternatives therapies to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. 4) Trichome Agronomy has secured the highest % CBD seeds available on the Health Canada published List of Approved Cultivars (LOAC) for the 2019 growing season. The company will grow 4000 acres of hemp this year. 5) Viscuris is a joint venture between a leading European research group and GSL to develop innovative cannabinoid pharmaceutical formulations.

What makes this an attractive opportunity for investors?

This is GSL’s final raise before our public listing transactions and mergers. The current price is the same price for the last 3 years and is being offered to existing shareholders and select strategic investors. Investors at the GSL parent company level will get a pro-rata share in all the five verticals.

Rehan Huda of Green Sky Labs Inc.

Mr. Huda has over 25 years of experience across investment banking, entrepreneurship and corporate finance. Prior to his current role at Green Sky Labs Inc., Mr. Huda helped structure and fund both private and public companies in the areas of biotechnology, education and information technology. His work included board of director and advisory board positions in these companies as well as raising funds and corporate development. He began his career at the Canadian federal government and is a recipient of the government’s Public Service Award of Excellence. Mr. Huda has been a speaker at a number of international conferences on finance and management and has been a guest lecturer at a number of universities in Canada and internationally. Contact Rehan