Just a few of the many unedited reviews from past participants in FOI gatherings:


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Hi Arthur,
It’s been great working with you on the webinars over the past year and I’m looking forward to doing more. You do a nice job as moderator, keeping it interactive with the audience and there is always lively Q&A. Most importantly though, it produces results. I’ve consistently had participants reach out to me after each presentation, interested in learning more about investing in our funds. Thanks!
All the Best,
Jeff Pomeranz, Managing Director, Right Side Capital Management


I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to present to your family office network.  I know that you don’t take every application that comes your way, but rather companies that you feel have something to offer the investors at FOI.  Since our company has done three webinars with you, we have been able to connect with many people in our industry.  Not only from a funding standpoint, but also from a business networking perspective, as well as gathering new customers and clients.  It’s been a real pleasure working with you and having you engage with me during the presentation as well.  That kept the presentation more lively and more of a conversation rather than just a one sided pitch meeting.  Thank you again, and we are looking forward to our continued collaboration together!

Joseph Gissy, Founder and CEO.

I presented my company to FOI earlier this year and had a truly pleasant experience. The audience asked thoughtful questions and interacted with me. I got to meet some really good people following the presentation, including some exceptional investors. Arthur was very generous with his time, fully engaged throughout the process and genuinely interested in what we were building. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

John Tilak

Thanks for the professional, enjoyable webinar Arthur.

It was particularly great to have you as the moderator as your questions were

exactly on target for investors to be able to understand our business

model…which is not an easy task!

We are certainly going to be coming back again, as the results from the webinar have been fantastic.

We love the emphasis on respect and relationships that you have in your network.

This is our company culture as well in all of our partnerships…and it’s great to find an investor network that feels the same as we do.

Jay Brents, CEO

Arthur and Team FOI:   Thank you for all your help!

We have very much enjoyed working with Arthur and the FOI Team.   In addition to doing custom FOI Research to help Refana connect with appropriate Investors in the FOI Community, Arthur also provided personal guidance and counsel to best optimize our FOI Investor Seminar events.  We have kept in touch and Arthur continues to assist Refana beyond our FOI Seminars.

As a result, we have broadened our fund-raising network and have leveraged those relationships to further enhance Refana’s value proposition in the Biotech and Pharma sector.

Arthur and the Team have strong hands-on experience within the Family Office Investor Community and will add tremendous value to your fund-raising challenges and opportunities.  Highly Recommended!

Mark P. Turchan, CEO, Lead Investor, Refana, Inc. – October 2021


Safe, Effective, Low-Cost Multi-Valent Vaccines and Manufacturing Systems for the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond



Hi Arthur,

Thanks for putting together the webinar, it came off great and exactly as promised.  And it has been fun interacting with you and your team.

Less that 24 hours later I am already pleased with the results – several inquires and some good conversations with more to follow I’m sure.

Bob Thomas- Founder


Family Office Insights provided a worthwhile forum for us to meet with interested investors. We have had several productive investor conversations as a result of our FOI participation.

Lee H. Roberts, Managing Partner, SharpVue Capital

Hi Arthur,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to present Chrysalis Orchestra through a Family Office Insights Webinar.

I was most impressed with the style and efficiency of your team and, in particular, the efforts you personally made to ensure the success of the event.

With warm best wishes,


Terry Ellis


Chrysalis Orchestra LLC


” My team had a great experience working with Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Athena Music & Wellness Therapy on Sept. 17th.  Arthur, personally spent good amount of time to give us advice and made sure that the pitch presentation went smoothly. Well delivered. ”  Roz Huang

Roz Huang
CEO & Co-Founder

Athena Music & Wellness Therapy, LLC

Dear Arthur, It has been a pleasure engaging Family Office Insights and your network. As both an asset-allocator and someone who is raising a fund, it is great to be able to engage and collaborate directly with sponsors and investor with aligned investment outlooks. We’ve met some great people on both ends of the spectrum and look forward to continued collaboration!

Rule #1, find yourself good like-minded people with integrity, and find ways you can collectively “do good” and “do well”!

Hamlet Yousef
Managing Partner


“Thank you, Arthur, for not only the introduction but your continued support, you run a first-class organization.

Once again Arthur I’m truly grateful for the doors you’ve opened and appreciate your continued support for Veteran Ventures.

I truly appreciate all you have done thus far, Arthur, look forward to paying it forward in the future based upon your example.”

Derren Burrell

President / GP

Veteran Ventures Capital

“Hey Arthur, 

The cyber-security portion of the presentation was eye-opening. Thanks for putting that together”.

Mario Mena, Aldavia Ventures

Thanks so much for hosting the event. I was REALLY impressed by the signal-to-noise ratio. I’ve done many of these sort of pitches before, and its rare to get this many real players in one room.

Best Regards,

Stephen Johnson of Illinois Clean Fuels


Dear Arthur, From the minute we signed onto Family Office Insights the experience has benefited our company. We were invited to attend the Sustainability conference at the UN. The family office investor lunch was attended by interesting and informed investors. Arthur has been fantastic in terms of connecting our company to people and offices that might be helpful.

Jonathan Propper-Founder

“Dear Arthur,

It was a pleasure to meet you and get to know you on a personal level.  We have much in common and I was humbled by your hospitality.

Professionally speaking, the experience at Family Office Insights went above and beyond our expectations. Even in the middle of summer, a large number of motivated investors gathered to hear the presentation.

Words cannot express how excited we are to move this vision forward.

With Much Appreciation

Fred Starr, MD , Founder-Myneurva Datasystems.

“ Arthur, Thank you so much! Tim and I were both greatly impressed by the quality of the event, the caliber of the attendees, and your excellent guidance and questions”.


Robert Cain
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer


By all accounts it was a huge success.  Thank you for all of your assistance and guidance through the process and for setting up an amazing crowd.  You made it easy for us and we look forward to working together again.

Best,Kevin S. Kelly

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Senior Vice President and Principal

Atalanta Sosnoff

New York, New York

“The FOI team put on a great luncheon for us! As inaugural winners for the Family Office Funding Challenge, we were pleasantly surprised how well organized and well-connected Arthur, Simeon and Lindsay were. They have a deep network of connections and were able to match us up with the appropriate people. Numerous attendees have already reached out to us who are interested in either investing or using our platform. Thank you to the FOI team for putting together a successful event. Good luck to the next winners — you’re in good hands!

Matthew Hoffman & Brittany Nguyen”

“Arthur’s team at Family Office Insights are an amazing crew.  They put their heart into their work.   They put me in touch with precisely the right people for my company.  They introduced me to the best strategic fit in North America for private equity investors, no small feat. Thank you sincerely for a fantastic job.

Peter Blaney CEO SignPost”

What a wonderful convening of great minds and ideas. This is a space where long lasting alliances and partnerships can begin.Danielle Grace Warren - President, Just Shea
The panel discussions were extremely informative with respect to investment strategies, market outlook and philosophies employed by numerous family offices.John Grzymala - Family Office Executive
The break out workshops allowed for a very focused platform to discuss the most germane topics that face our industry today and always followed with an enthusiastic Q & A period.Simon W. Frank - Fund Tax Services
This was a wonderful event – I really got a lot out of the insights and information received.Daniel L. Daniels - Partner, Wiggin and Dana
I found the event extremely informative and well structured. I would highly recommend other conferences organized by Arthur Bavelas.Egon von Greyerz - Founder & Managing Partner Matterhorn Asset Management AG
I found the FOI event to be extremely informative and there was a fabulous exchange of ideas and information amongst family offices and fund managers.Charles Schoenherr - C.I.O. Waypoint Residential
The Family Office Insights meeting in October, 2013 was unusually productive for me. The range of topics and speaker insights was powerful.Jeffrey R. Lauterbach, J.D. - Family Office Advisor
Dynamic workshops allowing all participants to openly discuss creative investment strategies…commenting on the most crucial issues facing family offices and their legacies.Rosario Saglimbeni - Principal Sapiens Capital
A great event…It was a gathering of investors and family offices sharing their views and thoughts in an honest and transparent way, rather than a traditional conference.Dimitris Kavalekas - Single Family Office


Astarte Medical

Rvolutionizing the care of preterm infants by providing quantitative data about gut health, allowing for personalized care and nutrition to optimize growth and outcomes.

“Having spent the past two decades as an investor myself, I found the professionalism, organization and execution of FOI of the highest caliber.  As a CEO, time is your most precious resource, and with FOI my team and I were able to have active, rich dialogue with engaged investors to adequately convey our strategy and mission in a dedicated setting.  I would highly recommend FOI and Arthur Bavelas to any qualified companies in our space.  Thank you for a great afternoon.”

Tracy Warren, CEO, Astarte Medical, FOI October 18, 2018


Creating Novel Treatments For Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation

“Hello Arthur, Hugh and David,
On behalf of the directors, officers and shareholders of AZTherapies thank you for hosting an incredible event.  The family offices you connected with us were both qualified and gracious. On short notice there were more than a dozen who expressed genuine interest, asked all of the appropriate questions and clearly were vetted by you as people who care genuinely about neurodegenerative disease. Alzheimers (Phase III pivotal trial) and Ischemic Stroke recovery (Phase II pivotal trial) are clearly our area of primary focus yet as shared the I’m pact in other diseases such as ALS and Parkinson have genuine hope and promise. When we succeed I am sure you all will be smiling knowing you contributed at a critical point in our journey. Together we will impact the health of countless lives and their families.”

Best, Keith Greenfield


We’re an NYC-based non-profit organization working in the developingworld, bringing free orthopedic care to children with untreated limb disabilities whose families cannot afford treatment. Since 2003, through local treatment providers in Asia, Africa and Latin America we’ve provided free orthopedic care to more than 17,000 children in need.

Elucida Oncology

Elucida Oncology™ is focused on transforming outcomes for patients with primary solid tumor and metastatic cancer. We are leveraging the novel Target or Clear™ capabilities of our ultra-small C-Dot cancer-targeting particle platform across diagnostic imaging, surgical and a wide range of therapeutic applications.


NeuroRx, Inc. is a clinical stage, small molecule pharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.  NeuroRx is built upon

30 years of basic science and clinical expertise in understanding the role of the NMDA receptor in regulating human thought processes, depression and suicidality.

Epica International

We are Epica International, the Robotic CT Company.

As a global leader in precision robotics, Epica International designs, develops and distributes progressive robotic systems that guide and assist users to ensure precise accuracy and strengthen outcomes. By fusing CT imaging and precision robotics into one fully integrated platform, we narrow the gap between diagnostic and therapeutic applications for optimal results.

Lung Therapeutics

New Pathways For Treating Lung Disease.

Lung Therapeutics pursues innovative treatments for underserved, life-threatening lung conditions.

Roivant Sciences has acquired the global rights to PA101 — our Ph 2b candidate for the treatment of chronic cough in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Undercover Colors

The discreet way to spot a spiked drink.

SipChip™ is the Most Advanced date-rape drug test on the market.


The development of better medicine begins with better disease models. By bringing the native in-vivo environment to the in-vitro setting, Xylyx Bio’s tissue-specific substrates support cell culture models that are significantly more predictive of human physiology, thus facilitating acceleration of drug discovery and development.

Corvida Medical

Maker of Halo, A Smarter Closed System Transfer Device for Chemotherapy



Spinal Resources Inc.

Making things happen better and smarter in the spinal surgery arena.

Cubed Laboratories

Creating innovative technology that will globally reduce food-borne illness.


Novotalk lets you confidently handle your stuttering, anytime, anywhere.

Vet Innovations

Overweight and obese pets are at risk of serious health problems like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer.  Obesity cuts lives short—and the relationship between pet and parent.  And now it’s an epidemic:  more than half of all pets in the country are either overweight or obese.  We are relentlessly focused on ending that epidemic.


Braidy Industries

Pioneering aluminum superalloys using advanced materials and nanotechnology research, revolutionizing the industry with products that offer improved strength, toughness, high temperature strength, creep resistance, electrical conductivity and manufacturability.


Atmospheric plasma
The sustainable, water free solution for high performance finishing

Panel Point Global

Panel Point Global develops, manufactures, markets and implements a revolutionary panel-based building technology.

PI Energy

The Future of Clean Energy
Affordable solar energy with the flexibility to provide power just about anywhere.


A sustainable future starts with making EV charging technology fully accessible. That’s why we’ve developed the most flexible and reliable EV charging solutions on the market, giving businesses and organizations everywhere the resources they need to service a growing number of EV drivers.


Sync Media

At Sync Media we Produce Visuals that work.

Splash Beverage Group

SPLASH BEVERAGE GROUP is innovating the beverage industry with delicious, natural and healthy drinks that delight the body and inspire the mind.


Giving you total refreshment and recovery


Design your wine.  Create a custom wine at home with our unique blending kits, combos and products.


Braven celebrates the Bold & Crafty. Artists. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Risk-Takers. Believers. Our vision is to inspire Creativity and Independence with every sip.

House Check

Comprehensive impartial home inspections

Phyt NYC

Phyt NYC is a premiere all amenities fitness facility nestled in the heart of Midtown Manhattan with a second location in San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Blockchain Systems for the Energy Sector

“Many thanks for a fantastically coordinated, executed and attended lunch session. Arthur and the FOI team bought together some of the most engaged and informed investors with whom it was a pleasure to discuss our business and strategy for redesigning global energy systems.” Jo-Jo Hubbard Electron; @ElectronDLT


Reward creativity

We build innovative blockchain technology that protects, distributes and licenses your work allowing you to focus on creating great imagery.

“The quality and sophistication of investors delivered by FOI was second to none. We’d highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with Arthur Bavelas to do so.” -Cameron Chell, Chairman, KodakOne

“The decision to bring KodakOne to FOI was an easy one. Our expectations for a high quality event, with the high quality investors, was surely exceeded. I can recommend FOI with no hesitation whatsoever.” -Darren Marble, CEO, CrowdfundX

Celsius Network

A new way to earn, borrow, and pay on the blockchain.

“Arthur- thank you so much for a fantastic event this afternoon. It was incredibly valuable and we all enjoyed it very much. I hope we have a chance to connect again soon!” Alex Mashinsky & Leah Jonas, Celsius Network


intimate (ITM) is a token for payments, privacy, and reputation across the adult industry. intimate allows access to high quality content and interactions without having to disclose personal information


The Only Crypto App You Need.  Trade on any exchange you have an account on.  Automatically track your entire portfolio.  Check market prices, read news, set up alerts.

Muirfield Investment Partners

Muirfield Investment Partners is an opportunistic private equity real estate investment firm.  We are forward thinking real estate investors leading the effort to reinvent and improve private equity through the use of blockchain technology.


At Cambrian, we believe in a research-driven, rules-based system to invest in blockchain assets, including Bitcoin, Ether, and dozens of other cryptocurrencies and tokens.


A programmatic approach to cryptocurrency exposure


Disrupting the non-profit sector with the speed and transparency of the Blockchain to save lives.

Kora Network

A modern payment solution.

Enabling individuals and businesses in Africa to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world.

Kora Network Token

Kora Network Token (KNT) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.


Enterprise Blockchain Services

Social Wallet

Integrating Cryptocurrency Into Social Networks


The future of commerce on the blockchain.

A decentralized data commerce portal.


Opporty is a blockchain-powered, three-layered business relationships ecosystem, consisting of Proof of Expertise Protocol, a Business Scoring System, and a Marketplace Platform.

Fair Insurer

Fair Insurer Is Building The Industry’s First Blockchain Insurance Protocol And A Socially Impactful Insurance Carrier That Will Offer Blockchain-Specific Products To The Global $2.1T Property & Casualty Market.

22X Fund

Invest in the Best Silicon Valley Startups

One Token, Silicon Valley’s Top Startups.


Access to peer-to-peer capital markets for all



Fundraising Intelligence and Targeting

Raise More Money for your organization by understanding who your donors are, what they care about, and the channels they prefer to give through — all in minutes.

“Arthur. Wanted to thank you on behalf of Dave, Bret and myself for hosting a great, very worthwhile luncheon today.  Appreciate all that you did in such short order.  Thought we have an engaged group with a lot of great questions.  And thank you for sending along the attendee list for follow-up.”  Jeff Habib, CEO


AxiomSL provides enterprise-wide solutions for Regulatory Reporting, Capital Adequacy, Risk Management, Liquidity, Compliance and Data Management.

“Arthur, That was one of the best presentations and solid opportunity.”  (Family Office Insights Crypto Luncheon, Thursday, January 18th, 2018, Peter Pham, of legendary incubator, Science, Inc.)

Thank you, Gene, Eugene Young, Axiomsl

Collective Wisdom Technologies

Leverages the “Wisdom of the Crowd”1 to support and enable better investment solutions for seed-stage startups and investors

Good Money

The future of money is Good.

We’re taking over the financial system and using it for Good. Our first step is giving away Good Money shares to all new members. Now, you are an owner.


ECHO provides both turn-key and fully customizable payment solutions designed to meet the needs of governments, NGOs, banks, corporations and consumers providing access to the fastest growing segments in the financial technology (FinTech) industry.


Investor Marketing. Security Token Offerings.

Everything In Between.


Finix is a secure, cloud-based Wealth Administration Platform for alternative assets.


You control your financial future in the palm of your hand & Uulala empowers your journey

Lonely Whale

Lonely Whale is an incubator for courageous ideas that drive impactful change on behalf of our ocean.


Baker Street Scientific

Our relevance-driven big data technology identifies and connects known and previously unknown big data associations across time, industries and sources.


Masttro is a Swiss financial technology company that provides state-of-the-art wealth information solutions for families with substantial net worth and family offices around the world.


Direct to Consumer Relationship Management

CDC Deposits Corp.

Through the operation of its U.S. cash deposits management network, CDC activates the power of portfolio cash on deposits.  This network of community banks with accounts structured to generate benefits to local nonprofits and partners, support positive economic and social outcomes.

Salmon Solutions

Salman Solutions LLC is a full-service business growth firm that advises executives, builds companies, and raises capital. We provide consulting, coaching, speaking, and training services to global executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Vista Group of Companies

A hospitality management company of the Americas that specializes in the ownership, management and development of hotels, resorts and related commercial real estate.

Premier Exhibitions

Museum Quality Education and Entertainment

Immersive Worlds

Enabling the enterprise with AR and VR



The world’s first social shopping platform that combines social media and e-commerce while giving people the power to monetize what they post.

Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network connects CEOs and investors worldwide


A location-based check-in and discovery platform for influencers.


Small Cap Nation™ is developing and delivering breaking, on-demand news and information through video, social, web, broadcast, and newsletters, focusing specifically on the multi-billion dollar small cap sector, both domestically and internationally.


Clickdaily is a subscription based Social Media and Web Presence management agency for small businesses, particularly restaurants.


Intelligent 1-on-1 networking communities…. Build stronger engagement intelligently!


A new game-changing way to plan and book your travel. We call HelloGbye a game changer because it puts the traveler in full control. Simply type or speak your travel plans into any device, and you’ll get an answer.  In less than 30 seconds.


Picture a better world.  Help change the world by sharing your photos.

Pocketful of Quarters

The Future of Games.  Scrims with great prizes.



Designed by experts, GATE helps 9th-12th grade students learn, get accepted, and earn financial aid that they never have to repay.

Noodle Partners

We’re re-reinventing how higher ed happens online…Noodle Partners brings programs online less expensively, with greater agility and in better alignment with universities’ goals.



Private Equity for the digital and sustainable economy

42 Ventures

Partnering with entrepreneurs to grow software-driven businesses that deliver innovative products and services to highly defined markets.

Iron Pillar

We are growth-stage investors, looking for bold, brave entrepreneurs.  We lead venture growth capital raises post Series A

Moonshots Capital

We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas


A situational investor with significant liquidity and flexibility, Range targets real-estate related investments, with particular focus on deploying capital through asset-level positions, platform investments and credit opportunities.

True Wealth Ventures

True Wealth Ventures invests in smart female entrepreneurs, from consumer health innovators to sustainable product pioneers. Women-led companies have proven they deliver higher returns.


Fundbase is the Best Source of Alternative Returns. Globally.


We are a dedicated life settlements investment manager investing in the secondary market for life insurance policies and have developed a proprietary analytical system that optimizes returns in this unique asset class.

MCE Social Capital

Mobilizing capital to generate economic
opportunities for people in the developing world.

Carlisle Management

Carlisle was established to provide minimally correlated fund options in the alternative asset space.

Star Mountain Capital

Star Mountain is a specialized asset management firm focused exclusively on the U.S. lower middle-market by investing debt and equity directly into established operating companies, making strategic investments into fund managers and purchasing secondary fund positions.

AVI Partners

AVI Partners focuses on value-oriented, special situation investing where identifiable catalysts are available to unlock value for all shareholders.

NewLand Realestate

We envision from the ground up, bringing to life communities where families live in the ways that matter most to them—places that are intentionally designed and created with the customer in mind and that only get better with time.  Together, we create fully inspired places.

Asymmetry Capital Management

We utilize a data-driven primary research process to identify and invest in out-of-consensus health care companies that we believe have both asymmetric return profiles and near-term valuation catalysts.

Vickers Venture Partners

We invest in The Extraordinary

At Vickers, we are always about generating financial returns, but we are also able to deploy capital into companies that are creating great social impact globally.

The Family Office Club

The Family Office Club has more registered family offices than any other community or family office association globally

Connectivity Ventures Fund

We are an early stage fund helping extraordinary founders build exceptional companies.

Wunder Capital

Non-recourse financing for your commercial or community solar projects.

Lexden Capital

We develop, structure, and finance sustainable infrastructure and commercial real estate projects for the Public and Private Sector  (including complex P3s) from $20M-$250M

Van Wagoner Ventures

Financing the “New Economy”

Mobility Connected Technology Solutions


Building Great Companies from scratch

Invest in the companies of tomorrow, now.


SOSV is a global venture capital firm providing multi-stage investment to develop and scale our founders’ big ideas for positive change.


We are an early stage Venture Capital fund that focuses on investments in entrepreneurs who are drastically improving the lives of consumers.


Group RMC is a real estate Co-investment group that invests in, sponsors, and is the General Partner in undervalued income producing Office properties in secondary U.S. markets.

Munificent Asset Management

Munificent Asset Management aims to be an investor solutions provider for access to early-stage, emerging and diverse managers that have demonstrated an expertise and competitive edge within their strategy across varying market environments.

York Funding

York Funding is a direct hard money bridge lender to real estate professionals engaged in the acquisition and renovation of one-to-four family houses, multi-family apartment buildings, mixed-use properties, retail, office, strip malls, warehouses, notes, buildable lots, commercial properties, hotels and halted new construction.