October 2018
Vol 6 | Issue 207

Q&A with Mark Jarvis

Chair of Cubed Labs

Principal Series:

Family Office Insights sits down with Mark Jarvis, Chair of Cubed Labs, to discuss how their disruptive technology is changing the game in the food and beverage food safety space. Already having secured contracts in the food and beverage contracts in the food and beverage industry, a market which is predicted to grow to US$17bn globally by 2021, Cubed Labs is well positioned for success. With competitors unable to match the proven speed and accuracy of the revolutionary NESDEP® portable testing unit, Cubed is well placed to help world leading companies in the fight against food contamination and fraud. 

Please join Family Office Insights for this gathering on Wednesday, October 1oth, 2018 to learn more about Cubed Labs.


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PRESENTS: Cubed Labs

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Mark Jarvis

Mark Jarvis is the former CEO of Steritech Group, which he grew across 30+ countries and over 1500 employees until it was acquired by Rentokil Initial for UD$420mm. With over 20 years in the F&B space, he is currently the Chair of Cubed Labs and is based in San Diego, CA.

For any questions, please email Mark Jarvis at mark.jarvis@sevenrventures.com.