What is the Family Office Insights model?

We hope to provide interesting and timely information to the community in a radically transparent environment.

We charge presenters (hedge funds, private equity funds, direct opportunities and others) a flat fee to present to small (10-15) group of investors who have “opted-in” to learn more. We also offer a subscription fee to maintain offering date on the Family Office Insights website. We do not accept success fees!

“We strive to create a safe, private, curated environment where investors not only learn from experts, thought leaders, and asset managers, but also from their peers.” Arthur Andrew Bavelas


Where are the gatherings located?

Mostly in a variety of private locations in New York City for now. We may expand as time and opportunity permit.


How long have these gatherings been organized?

We started over 10 years ago, and have evolved through a few iterations. While we continue to listen closely to our attendee friends, and presenters, it is reasonably well organized at this point. We seek to improve daily.


How many gatherings are held?

We organize 2-4 gatherings per month except for July and August.


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