About Family Office Insights/A Lifesettlementextra.com LLC Affilaite



Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors.


Why Family Office Insights?


“Where one stands, often depends on where one sits”

  • Family Office Insights agenda: to grow a well curated like-minded investor community that seeks to help protect, expand, and nurture wealth for multiple generations.
  • Family office insights revenues are strictly from presenters who pay a flat fee to present to the community or subscription fee to maintain updated offering data.
  • A safe environment to explore opportunities
  • A safe place to meet other like-minded peers
  • No Community Fees
  • No Success Fees
  • No Pressure
  • As a Community Participant You Are Welcome to Enjoy:
    • Exclusive Community Opportunity Gathering Invitations
    • “Opt-In” Interest Profile
    • Peer-To-Peer Gatherings & Private Networking
    • Co-Investment Opportunities with Like-Minded Investors
    • Peer Insights Reports

Commune With Your Peers: A safe, private, curated environment where investors not only learn from experts, thought leaders and asset managers, but also from their peers. The private Family Office Insights investor community represents a wide spectrum of investment views and levels of investment knowledge. Family Office Insights community participants share a commitment to improving their understanding of the complexities of the financial landscape with their peers and seek to become more effective stewards of wealth.

Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Founder of BavelasGroup Family Office and Family Office Insights

Arthur Andrew Bavelas, an internationally known entrepreneur, family office investor, founder of Family Office Insights peer-to-peer gatherings, and is the originator of the Fortune’s Fortress process of safeguarding family wealth over multiple generations. He is a frequent speaker to the hedge fund, private equity and family office communities.

Arthur is the author of numerous articles, white papers, focused on family offices, legacy wealth preservation and asset protection. His insights have been featured in international publications including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Investment Advisor, Gatekeeper, Opalesque, Dow Jones and Elite Traveler. Arthur has co-authored several books, his most recent being Fortune’s Fortress: A Primer on Wealth Preservation.