June 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 316

Q&A with Shan S. Haider of Teacherix


Principal Series:

Teacherix is an educator recruitment platform that uses AI to select teachers for the right teaching jobs across the globe by evaluating their social, cultural, and religious sensitives to match the job offered in the right geographical location. The vetting process increases the number of teachers available for various teaching positions hence increasing the number of hires per month thus generating more revenues for the school. The hire process is made very easy for the schools and due to AI vetting, the retention rate of teachers are much higher than any of the competitors.

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What is Teacherix and how does it work?

Teacherix is a smart platform allowing anyone interested in teaching to find a job with schools domestically or internationally. International schools globally can hire the right candidate without worrying about screening, interviewing, vetting, reference checks, relocation issues, and legal paperwork. Teachers create their profiles, submits, get vetted, and are interviewed by Teacherix experienced recruitment team. Teacherix platform connects qualified educators with the right school taking into consideration their education, experience, and the three sensitivities, social, cultural, and religious to match the right job at the right location worldwide. No other educator recruitment company has such verifying capabilities. The cost of a bad hire cost schools $16,000 per teacher per school year. By vetting the three sensitivities, Teacherix makes certain that the selected educator will last and complete the contract in a certain country. There are a lot of great educators with perfect resumes but there is no telling if they would be able to perform at their best in a setting that they are not used to or accustomed to. Hence, many international schools that hire educators from a faraway country end up sending them back during a school year and have to pay a lot to replace with a new educator. Often times very difficult during a mid-school year. Teacherix AI system uses the technology to select teachers that would match the location using a vetting process derived from various resources.

What is the market size? And is Teacherix competitive to win the market share?

By some Estimates there are 1.5 - 2 million schools all around the world including language academies and K-12. USA alone has 145,000 K-12 schools and 4.5 million registered teachers. The average school follows a ratio of 1 teacher for every 9 students. There close to 68 million teachers worldwide. In China at any given time there are over 200,000 foreigners teaching English as a second language. Each year close to 450,000 English as a Second Language jobs are filled worldwide. On an annual basis round 2-3 million school related jobs are filled globally by filling new opening, replacing retired teachers and due to the addition of new classroom as student enrollment numbers increase. UNESCO estimates the world will need 80 million additional educators by 2030. Educator placement is one of the fastest-growing industries as Pre-K, Kindergarten and primary schools mushroom all over the world to keep up with growing demands of young aged kids entering the school system. Most schools have resorted to a recruitment agency or platform to meet all their recruitment needs so they can focus on providing proper education.
Teacherix, with its blend of human experience and artificial intelligence, is the at the cutting-edge of educator recruitment process. Already in discussion with Chinese school chain to sign a $3 million dollar contract to hire 1200 teachers within 12 months. As the pandemic comes to an end and life becomes normal, schools are already scrambling to find teachers in order to make the September school year.

What is Teacherix doing to cope with the recent pandemic?

Teacherix is in the process of implementing One-to-One tutoring on its already existing platform of about 8000 vetted teachers. We plan to add another 10,000 to 15,000 teachers during the next 12 months and offer language and curriculum-based tutoring to students and schools all around the globe. Online teaching/tutoring has become one of the multi-billion dollar businesses and we already have the foundation of vetted educators and schools working on our platform. Even after the dust has settled with the pandemic, the blended learning approach will continue and online learning is here to stay.

Shan S. Haider of Teacherix

Shan S. Haider taught around the globe as an English second language teacher before turning to recruitment a few years ago. Shan has interviewed more than 5000 candidates thus giving him greater expertise in understanding the requirement of educators for international schools around the globe. His expertise in the field of educator recruitment combined with his business acumen has lead to the success of Teacherix. Contact Shan: shan@teacherix.com

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