January 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 279

Q&A with Zale Tabakman Of Local Grown Salads


Principal Series:

The Local Grown Salads Fund produces Organic Ready-To-Eat Culinary Class Salads in the heart of the city.

Our mission is to Feed The World Healthy Food Grown Sustainably

We solve 2 Fundamental Problems:
1) Moving Fresh Food 1,500 miles
2) Growing in fields is a food hazard and creates severe environmental damage

The Advantages Of Our Solution:
– 19.5% Investor IRR, 8% Pref
– We Help People Eat Well
– We Provide Healthy & Delicious Food
– We Provide Taste & Nutrition
– We Provide Local & Organic Fresh Food
– We Provide Safe Food
– We Reuse Inexpensive Old Buildings
– We Reduce the huge carbon footprint caused by trucks moving food
– We Repair The Damage Caused By Growing In Fields
– We Stop the dumping into the environment of pesticides, insecticides, and excess fertilizers
– We Promote Sustainability in the food supply
– We Feed People In Food Deserts
– We Create Inner City Jobs With Living Wages

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What Is Local Grown Salads Doing?

The Local Grown Salads Fund grows, harvests and packages Organic Ready-To-Eat Salads in the heart of the city.

By growing in the City we
1) We stop the moving of Fresh Food 1,500 miles by growing the food where people live.
2) We stop the food safety hazards created when food is grown in fields
3) We make available affordable fresh healthy food to people in Food Deserts

Our Fund follows the following four steps over and over again:
1) We purchase older buildings in the inner city in Opportunity Zones
2) We install our proprietary Indoor Growing Systems in the buildings.
3) We grow, harvest, and package the Organic Ready-To-Eat Salads
4) We sell the Organic Ready-To-Eat Salads to large retailers and food service customers.

Our proprietary technology standardizes the growing, harvesting, and packaging of the food so that every facility, no matter where its located, will produce exactly the same results. We monitor all aspects of the production remotely to ensure our customer's specifications are always met.

For people there are many advantages:
1) Better Taste and Nutrition
2) Higher level of Food Safety
3) No Pesticides or Insecticides
4) A sustainable solution

Retailers and food service like our solutions because:
1) Stable fixed pricing
2) Longer Shelf Life
3) Stable and secure supply
4) Standardized and consistent products everywhere in the country
5) Happy and content customers
6) We will have standardized facilities located 2 hours from the people eating our products.

How Do Does The Investor Make Money?

The market for Ready-To-Eat Salads is over $4 Billion in Retail alone.

That $4 Billion is dwarfed by by the Food Service Industry which includes all the restaurant chains, hotels, catering and cafeterias in places like offices, hospitals, universities and the American military. The Food Service industry buys the same product as the retailer, except the product is delivered in 5 pound bags, rather than 5 oz. bags.

The market price for Ready-To-Eat Salads includes the costs of transporting the food, the costs in the waste, and the costs related to pesticides and insecticides.

Local Grown Salads sells a better product at the same price as the competition with significantly lower costs. Therefore, our margins are significantly higher.

We are expecting our margins to be around 40%, thus we confidently provide an 8% preferred return and expecting an 19.5% IRR to the fund investors.

The structure of the investment is as a GP/LP Fund, however, we encourage investors to consider co-investing in either the Real Estate or the Operating business.

Why Should I Invest?

You should consider an Investment in Local Grown Salads if you answer yes to majority of the following questions:

Are you looking for an above average return?
Are you an investor that wants to create an impact?
Will you invest in the Food business?
Do you believe that Plant-Based market is here to stay?
Will you invest in Real Estate in Opportunity Zones?
Will you invest in leading edge technology?
Do you have an allocation for alternative investments?
Do you want to an investment in the North East?
Do you Capital Gains to Invest?
Do you require your investment to have top grade 3rd party partners?

An investment in Local Grown Salads answers Yes to all the above questions.

We have a detailed Private Placement Memorandum which provides detailed answers to these and many other questions sophisticated responsible investors ask.

Zale Tabakman Of Local Grown Salads

Zale Tabakman – President of Local Grown Salads. For Zale, Local Grown Salads is very personal quest. Zale goal is to feed the world delicious healthy food. He comes by this desire as a father of five and a grandfather of six and gets around by bicycle. (While he loves salads – his favorite foods are French fries and popcorn). Zale has designed the Local Grown Salads business model and the Patent Pending growing technology.
Zale has been volunteering by teaching new entrepreneurs for several years through government sponsored programs. In 1997, Zale won the North York Entrepreneur of the Year award. Zale has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.
Opportunity Zone Publicity

Zale has a number of video’s on on his LinkedIn profile.