June 2024
Vol 10 | Issue 327

Q&A with Adam Freund of Arda Therapeutics

Founder & CEO

Luminary/Mercury Series Series:

Arda is pioneering cell depletion for inflammation, immunology, and related indications. We leverage our proprietary, single-cell-based discovery engine to nominate target biology that can tag very specific pathogenic sub-populations of cells, then eliminate those cells via targeted biologics (ADCs, TCEs, etc).

Lead assets against novel targets deplete pathogenic fibroblasts in pulmonary fibrosis and have demonstrated substantial preclinical efficacy. Now in lead optimization with proprietary, state-of-the-art chemistry and a straightforward path to development candidate selection by Q1 2025.

In vivo efficacy demonstrated for multiple additional targets, tissues, cell types, and indications. Pipeline is focused on large market opportunities with well-established regulatory paths within fibrotic and inflammatory disease space.

An experienced team with decades of drug discovery and development experience, single-cell computational biology know-how, and pathogenic cell depletion expertise.

Strong founding seed syndicate with a16z, GV, Village Global, Longevity Fund, and others in early 2022.

Raising to reach DC for 1-2 programs and drive a Series A in 18 months, which will fund through clinical proof of concept.

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Adam Freund of Arda Therapeutics

* 19 years in life science R&D
* >20 publications and patents, >9,000 citations.
* PhD at Berkeley, postdoc at Stanford, PI and team lead at Calico Life Sciences.
* Initiated multiple therapeutic programs now in the clinic.
* Has grown a company from ~15 to 200+ employees.
* Experienced leader and team builder with extensive collaborative network.

Contact Adam: adam@ardatx.com