May 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 604

Q&A with Amber Allen of Double A Labs

CEO & Founder

Principal Series:

Double A Labs is an immersive media and commerce platform that allows brands and creators to cultivate deeper connections with their super fans through gamification, feedback-based product development, and community-building— all from the ease and accessibility of a web browser.

Brands, such as YouTube Shorts and Dell, have seen 3x the participation and engagement of Discord and TikTok while being able to own their communities, the data, and the experience. Through built-in creator tools, brands can update and manage digital worlds without the need for expensive and bespoke custom development. With patents pending for audio inventions, Double A Labs is revolutionizing the scalability of digital communities.


Join us for a private Webinar featuring Amber Allen, CEO of Double A Labs, helping brands communicate to their communities and expand their audiences through technology for more than 10 years.

Double A Labs’s immersive media and commerce platform makes online interaction simple and frictionless. It allows brands and creators to cultivate deeper connections with their people through gamification, feedback-based product development, and community-building.

Sneak Peek: The Future of Digital Communication, Today.

May 24, 2023 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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What is the most important way to get a creator engaged with your brand organically?

Liking a product is not enough to get creators organically engaged with a brand. They are looking to establish an authentic connection. Brands must empower them to become entrepreneurs. Double A Labs is bringing creators into the brand's ecosystem, where they can expand and reach bigger audiences. This legitimizes their goals of being seen as brand and product creators, now just content creators.

What is the normal engagement length of time on the platform and is it one off events or always on site?

Double A Labs software enhances the user experience and increases levels of engagement by enabling live collaboration and cultivating deeper connections. We have captured 90 minutes per session, even when the planned programming is only 20 minutes. People stay online interacting with content and often break into groups to collaborate.

What is the formula that makes this so different then other platforms?

Communities are spread across countless platforms. People go to Discord to chat, watch videos on YouTube, read from multiple news outlets, listen to numerous podcasts, and play infinite video games.

There is so much content out there that communities are fragmented and captured through multiple channels. Brands don’t own the data on user behavior and insight, and don’t actually know what is truly speaking to their consumers.

Double A Labs software aggregates all of a Brand’s content into a single ecosystem that they own, while giving their super community a voice and transforming them into digital grass root marketing ambassadors. Through quality interactions, Brands can own the data and adjust their message to expand their community.

Amber Allen of Double A Labs

Double A Labs, is a “gamer girl” at heart above all else. She is an expert in immersive media, the creator economy, and super communities. After 15 years building out technology and communities at companies like Disney, Warner Bros, and Riot Games, she founded Double A Events, a profitable business that created apps, VR and AR experiences for clients such as Discord, Magic Leap, and WB Studios. Double A Labs was incorporated In July 2021 to create an immersive media and commerce software, encompassing brands new demands and combining the most powerful parts of the digital landscape into one product.

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