June 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 589

Q&A with Andrew Page of Axle Workout Inc


Principal Series:

The Axle Workout Inc is a global health and wellness firm with a mission to provide affordable strength training, fitness coaching, wellness monitoring and accountability. The Axle Workout INC began designing its patent-pending collapsible Olympic barbell system in 2016 and brought it to the commercial market mid-2017. The company blends e-commerce/B2C sales (direct website), with retail (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc) and commercial distribution.

Revenues grew 5x from 2019 to 2020 as The Axle Barbell and its accessory systems proved to be a generational product beloved by its community of users. In-house performance marketing drove growth throughout all channels. The corporation also launched a live and on-demand virtual studio that has seen <1% user churn since its inception.  Furthermore, The Axle Workout has continued to engage its community through a Metabolic Nutrition Program which has seen extraordinary reception from participants.

The Axle Workout is excited to bring a second generation “smart barbell” to market in 2022.  This product will monitor body composition, metabolic output and movement of the user amongst other key biometrics.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Andrew Page, a fitness and wellness expert on a mission to bring connected fitness to a vast addressable market in need of affordable in-home fitness. Andrew is a sports performance coach for NBA Basketball players in New York City of more than 12 years. He Co-founded The Axle Workout in order to bring sports-science level training to the mass market. The company posted its breakout revenue year in 2020 as it pivoted from commercial to consumer.

June 08, 2021 at 2:15pm-3:15pm
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What are the opportunities in the connected fitness space that The Axle Workout sees and seeks to capture? Why now?

In-home fitness is here to stay. Market research shows that as many as 60% of active gym-goers pre-pandemic do not intend to return to the gym for a multitude of reasons with convenience of working out at home being at the top of the list. Connected fitness equipment, however, is expensive.

Even more individuals post-pandemic recognize strength training as a critical lifestyle component to improve long term health. The Axle Workout seeks to position itself before a vast total addressable market of people seeking affordable connected fitness through its proprietary and widely cherished barbell training systems

What differentiates The Axle Workout from other (similar) connected fitness companies?

The Axle Workout carries a deep understanding of the science behind exercise and how to generate results for its users. The company is building a community that not only participates in classes but keeps in regular communication with coaches, engage other users in nutrition/fitness challenges and stay accountable in the journey toward improving their health. The company considers its digital community akin to what you might find in a neighborhood gym pre-pandemic, but with scale. Company leadership carries extensive background in building communities that motivate each other and create organic growth through engagement and accountability.

In addition to community, The Axle Workout understands product, design and user experience. It's second generation barbell will utilize technology to engage users in a way they've never been motivated before. In addition to tracking key data points such as segmental/overall body composition, active & resting heart rate and movement through space, the 'smart bar' will learn users as they progress and integrate them with our skilled network of over 350 health & fitness experts nationwide.

What is the opportunity for Investors?

The Axle Workout offers a threefold opportunity for investors:

- Investors participate with The Axle Workout's core, profitable business of providing in-home fitness equipment and live/on-demand coaching to thousands of users every year
- Investors channel capital towards bringing the 'smart bar' to address the retail fitness consumer market providing a first ever look at one's composition inside-out
- Investors help build the future for an enterprise corporation that leverages highly insightful and valuable data to address a global obesity pandemic that has persisted the last 40 years (and continues to worsen)

Andrew Page of Axle Workout Inc

Andrew has 15 years of strength training, group fitness and athletic training. Head athletic trainer at the NY Athletic Club, and consultant to NBA and international Olympic teams. Certified from the P3 Sports Science Institute and Exos Performance Institute. BA from the University of Virginia.
Contact Andrew: andrew@axleworkout.com