November 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 263

Q&A with Arthur Andrew Bavelas of Private is Power

Founder, Family Office Insights

Principal Series:

Are you investment worthy? QUALIFY-PREPARE-PITCH-GET FUNDED

Convene 15-30 family office investors that are keen on hearing only your pitch…in your own private pitch luncheon. Private is Power!

2019 SOLD OUT!

Care to qualify for a 2020 slot? First quarter 2020 nearly sold out.

Simply send an email with your executive summary and/or pitch deck to or for faster review, use the formal application here . There are limited subsidized slots and once slots are claimed, rates revert to standard pricing. First come basis. FOI reserves the right to qualify or disqualify and all applicants for any reason.

Subsidized price made available, and thanks to the generous support of our kind, thoughtful friends at:

Polsinelli Law, ,Ice Miller Law , CKR Law ,Pepper Hamilton ,SOSV , West Growth , 1st Wall Street Capital , FreshBooks , Microsoft Venture ,

Bessemer Ventures Partners ,Google X , KettleSpace , Green Sky Labs , BioMan , Myneurva , Starr Strategic Holdings, LLC ,

Tedx , Singularity University , Pitch Book , WOCstar Fund , Republic & Republic Labs , New York City EDC , TechCrunch ,

Angel List , Boma Global , Sheworx , G.L.O.W. Global League of Women , CB Insights



“Dear Arthur, From the minute we signed onto Family Office Insights the experience has benefited our company. We were invited to attend the Sustainability conference at the UN. The family office investor lunch was attended by interesting and informed investors. Arthur has been fantastic in terms of connecting our company to people and offices that might be helpful.

Jonathan Propper-Founder

“Dear Arthur, It was a pleasure to meet you and get to know you on a personal level.  We have much in common and I was humbled by your hospitality.

Professionally speaking, the experience at Family Office Insights went above and beyond our expectations. Even in the middle of summer, a large number of motivated investors gathered to hear the presentation.

Words cannot express how excited we are to move this vision forward.

With Much Appreciation

Fred Starr, MD , Founder-Myneurva Datasystems.

“ Arthur, Thank you so much! Tim and I were both greatly impressed by the quality of the event, the caliber of the attendees, and your excellent guidance and questions”.


Robert Cain
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer


By all accounts it was a huge success.  Thank you for all of your assistance and guidance through the process and for setting up an amazing crowd.  You made it easy for us and we look forward to working together again.

Best, Kevin S. Kelly

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer

Senior Vice President and Principal

Atalanta Sosnoff

New York, New York

“The FOI team put on a great luncheon for us! As inaugural winners for the Family Office Funding Challenge, we were pleasantly surprised how well organized and well-connected Arthur, Simeon and Lindsay were. They have a deep network of connections and were able to match us up with the appropriate people. Numerous attendees have already reached out to us who are interested in either investing or using our platform. Thank you to the FOI team for putting together a successful event. Good luck to the next winners — you’re in good hands!

Matthew Hoffman & Brittany Nguyen”

“Arthur’s team at Family Office Insights are an amazing crew.  They put their heart into their work.   They put me in touch with precisely the right people for my company.  They introduced me to the best strategic fit in North America for private equity investors, no small feat. Thank you sincerely for a fantastic job.

Peter Blaney CEO SignPost”

Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors. Join the community here

What do I get with a "Private is Power" Pitch?

Family Office Insights investor gathering details:

1) Organize an investor luncheon
2) Exclusive Solo Presentation (Minimum 2 hours) in New York City
3) Provide 15 to 25 qualified investors who "opt-in" and have elected to hear your specific strategy and/or direct deal.
4) You provide, or FOI can provide venue for an addition fee
5) You provide catering or FOI can provide catering for an addition fee
6) Facilitated gathering
7) Allow for distribution of collateral material during gathering
8) Contact information from attendees
9) Peer Insights Review Q&A distributed to over 20,000 FOI registered qualified recipients
10) Peer Insights Review video (provided by you) interview distributed to over 20,000 FOI registered qualified recipients

What is the process?

There are about 5,000 family offices in the FOI community. An additional 15,000 members who are a variety of hedge funds, private equity funds, venture, angel, opportunity zone, crypto, blockchain, real estate and just rich folks. Of the 5000 family offices, about 2500 are single family offices. There are about 800 active, and have self-selected to be included in the deal flow luncheon invitations.
Once qualified, approved, and you've secured a slot, an invitation is created:

-with your narrative
-your business stage
-what you are looking for
-who the team is
-and what your terms & timing requirements might be

This invitation is sent to all 800 family offices who have actively requested deal flow. We don't try to guess what the family offices find interesting. We allow them to decide. Letting "water seek it's own level" turns out to far more productive. We totally stay out of the way, and encourage the community to connect with you directly.
We generally get 15-30 good RSVP's of people who have authentic interest and are able to deploy capital and resources. It's then up to you to convert them.
You will also have an opportunity to be published free of charge in your own Peer Insights Report Q&A in a similar format as this one. This is published to all 22000 plus subscribers. Here too, we totally stay out of the way, and encourage the community to connect with you directly.

What results can I expect?

Over the last 12 months about there has been about $110,000,000.00 of capital deployed into the companies or firms that have presented at an Family Office Insights gathering (that we know about and it's often none of business BTW). Since we are not a registered broker dealer, and do not accept success fees as such, this is an anecdotal number and likely to be on the low side. We've had results that are from zero to a lot. Your results will of course depend on a variety of factors such as these among others:

-If we qualify and select the right firm.
-If your idea is a good one.
-How well you prove you can execute.
-How well you've proved your thesis.
-How well you present your opportunity.
-How well you follow up.
-Your terms are reasonable.

We accelerate the nexus of connectivity to family office investors who invest in your type of offering or opportunity. “One” can meet all these family offices without a FOI investor gathering. It just may otherwise take 2-3 years. We simply convene a group of family offices who are actively investing in your type of opportunity. FOI member family offices and other investors, attend a proper pitch gathering arranged just for you…all in one day, in New York City.

Arthur Andrew Bavelas of Private is Power

Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Founder of BavelasGroup Family Office, Family Office InsightsFamily Office Funding Challenge* , Global Business Network & The Family Office Impact Summit

As a globally recognized entrepreneur, author, and family office investor. Arthur Bavelas is a pioneer in developing one of the first private opportunity review networks, Family Office Insights, for investors within the family office community.

Fostering a collaborative method of evaluation and delivering a more efficient potential investment pipeline, Family Office Insights initiates timely peer-to-peer review of limited access investment opportunities.

Driven by dissatisfaction at lack of choices for private capital allocation, he founded Family Office Insights in 1998 to provide meaningful access and engagement opportunities for active, socially conscious entrepreneurs and wealth managers.

Mr. Bavelas draws upon his own experience founding, building and exiting a successful technology startup to evaluate current opportunities that often feature innovative intellectual property, bridge customer/market access, or solve some of the world’s most daunting challenges.

As a co-founder of The Family Office Impact Summit and other impact efforts, Mr. Bavelas seeks to raise awareness and provide open access to technologies and innovation to effect societal and environmental change.

He frequently speaks about wealth preservation, the new economy, entrepreneurship and legacy investing. His has co-authored several books and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and many others.


FOI’s Recent Family Office Insights Conference at The United Nations Delegates Dining Room at the United Nations September 5th 2019 :

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