February 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 562

Q&A with Brian Maccaba of Refana Inc

Co-Founder and CEO

Principal Series:

Refana (Hebrew for “Please Heal”) is a United States registered private corporation dedicated to finding practical and innovative solutions to the world’s medical problems. By utilizing a highly-collaborative open source system of research and development, Refana has been able to attract world leaders in their respective scientific and medical fields to work on these problems. Through this model, Refana hopes to greatly accelerate the vaccine development process for Covid-19 and help protect not only the health of the World, but also the economies and stability of nations at risk. Our mission is to produce a safe, cost-effective and easy to implement COVID-19 vaccine that helps return normality across the world, ensuring that no human being should be without access to a vaccine.

Meet the founders:

Q&A with Brian Maccaba and Phillip Schwartz, Refana Co-Founders and Mark Turchan, Lead Investor, who are on a mission to alleviate the COVID-19 Pandemic World-wide 

Thursday February 18th, 2021 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST



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Haven’t existing providers ‘solved’ the COVID-19 Pandemic problem?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We’ve identified more than 5 Billion people in the world that have no access to a COVID-19 vaccine, or any hope of getting one in the near future. Some of the recently approved vaccines use new technology which has raised challenges of distribution, storage and cost, making them unsuitable for anything other than the richest people and nations. In addition the virus is now mutating, raising the question of how effective the current vaccines will be. With strong signs that Covid-19 will be Endemic, demand is dramatically outstripping supply.

How is Refana’s vaccine different?

Refana’s vaccine is a Whole Inactivated Viral Vaccine (WIV), a method pioneered by Jonas Salk and used successfully for more than 60 years for vaccines such as Polio and Smallpox. This well proven vaccine method is safe, cheap to produce, easy to distribute and store at normal fridge temperatures, therefore easy to administer in even the hottest, most inaccessible places. Because a WIV vaccine uses the Whole Virus, not just the spike protein, it is also well-placed to protect against mutations and easy to update as an ongoing booster. China has pioneered this method in their Covid-19 vaccine, with more than 30 million doses administered, but lack of data visibility and political credibility have hampered its worldwide distribution. In contrast, Refana’s WIV vaccine is being developed and tested in the USA, overseen by the world's leading regulator, the FDA.

Why invest in Refana?

This is a unique opportunity to invest in a vaccine to protect the world against Covid-19 and return the world to normality. As a ‘virtual’ company, Refana are able to work with the World’s leading authorities, whilst keeping overheads low. Using existing production facilities, the cost per vaccine is kept low, allowing poorer nations to vaccinate their populations, whilst also providing a good return on investment for Refana’s Investor Team. Refana are looking for a small group of investors to join it’s Team in this exciting development and Noble cause.

Brian Maccaba of Refana Inc

Brian Maccaba is Refana’s CEO. Born in Ireland, Mr. Maccaba is a highly successful serial entrepreneur in the technology and software industry. He brings extensive product development experience across Financial technology, enterprise software, e-commerce and cyber security. Mr. Maccaba has become a non-medical vaccine expert as part of Refana’s development activities and is highly-familiar with COVID-19 vaccine development and deployment activities around-the-World.