February 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 286

Q&A with Gabriel Wyner of Fluent Forever – UPDATE


Principal Series:

Many of the Family Office Insights Family were able to take advantage of access to this round.

Updated investor status.

After demonstrating strong initial traction by running the most successful crowdfunding campaign for an app in history ($1.7M in 2017-2018), Fluent Forever launched in April of 2019 and acquired 17k paying users at $50k MRR with strong unit economics.
They are currently raising a $2M institutional seed round. They’ve secured $520k and received $1M in additional commitments, leaving $480k remaining. Notable investors include Firebrand Ventures, along with 37 Angels (including a personal investment from Angela Lee). Currently looking for value-add partners to finish out their round, particularly those with B2B connections (at large multinational corporations with training needs for staff (Deloitte, PWC), companies in the travel or retirement sectors (AMEX, Delta, AARP), or education sector contacts).

Pitch video available here: 
Investor Deck here: 

Language learning apps currently have an unfortunate problem: while they can teach some basic vocabulary and set phrases, they don’t ultimately bring users to any significant degree of fluency. Fluent Forever changes this, with a groundbreaking method that can bring a user from nothing to advanced fluency in six months. We do this by following the four-step method popularized in the national bestselling book of the same name:

1. Train your ears: If words sound foreign, you won’t be able to remember them. Work on ear training before anything else.
2. Learn high value, visual vocabulary using pictures, not translations
3. Learn grammar through fill-in-the-blank sentences, again with pictures and without translations.
4. Practice your speech to fluency with the help of tutors

We guide users through this process in our app, building personalized learning materials that are unique to every single user. We then test users on this custom content at exactly the optimal moment to ensure long term retention in the least time possible. In practice, we can take a user from nothing to holding basic conversations in Spanish/French/etc. in 3 months (at an hour/day) and reach advanced levels in 6 months, and we have the written and video testimonials to prove it.

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Gabriel Wyner of Fluent Forever – UPDATE

Gabriel Wyner began his career with dual degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Opera Performance. Fueled by a passion for problem solving and a career-driven need to learn languages, his background led directly to the formation of his groundbreaking methodology. His first language successes came from immersion programs in German and Italian. Searching for ways to bring this immersion experience into the home, he began developing a system for building fluency in short, daily sessions. In 2010, his efforts paid off. He learned French to fluency in 5 months, and Russian in 10 months.
Currently learning Japanese, he learned Hungarian and Spanish over the last few years. His national bestselling book – Fluent Forever: How to learn any language fast and never forget it – turned into the most successful crowdfunded app in history. Contact Gabriel: