September 2016
Vol 4 | Issue 27

Q&A with Gian Matteo Lo Faro

Founder & CEO of Lavit

Principal Series:

Family Office Insights sits down with the founder and CEO of Lavit, an innovative single serve water cooler that produces still and sparkling water as well as healthy beverages. Gian Matteo Lo Faro discusses his product, the business model and how he hopes Lavit will transform the water and beverage industry.

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First and foremost, what is Lavit? 

Water coolers are present in the majority of Unites States offices, but almost none can deliver anything other than still water.  Lavit offers the complete package that meets consumers' diverse tastes. A single serve water cooler, Lavit crafts purified ice cold still and sparkling water, and also crafts delicious flavored beverages on demand. With Lavit, office workers can now get delicious single serve cold beverages the same way they get hot single serve beverages. At home, families will soon have access to purified still and sparkling water, as well as branded beverages at the touch of a button without lugging heavy liquids home from the store.  Beyond choice and convenience, Lavit is grounded in three key values: health, living lightly on the planet and giving back. Choosing Lavit not only is delicious, convenient and fun, but also enables its customers to embrace a smarter way of living.

What was the impetus behind launching this company?

The question we asked ourselves was: why isn’t there a compelling alternative to drink and toss small format bottled water and beverages? These bottles are being shipped halfway around the world, traded at the price of gasoline then discarded to fill up our landfills. At the same time, 800 million people are dying of thirst?  America is bountiful with great water, why not provide a choice where drinking local water can be convenient, healthy, smart, fun and cool?  So we set out to create this new choice and Lavit was born!

How are you able to create a product that is preservative free that has little to no sugar? Share with us the science behind it.

Beverages prepared with dry concentrate are more stable than liquid beverages. During the beverage crafting process, the dry concentrate is turned into liquid concentrate and then the beverage is mixed.  Since dry powder has a naturally stable nature, no preservatives are necessary to keep the ingredients fresh. The aluminum capsule keeps the powder dry with a shelf life of up to two years, naturally, with no preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate which are common in store bought bottled beverages. The Lavit capsule technology also makes it possible for a dispenser to serve a variety of different beverages without any cross contamination whatsoever.

You have a sustainability component to your product. What is it? 

Weighing just two grams, the Lavit capsule uses just 1/7th the aluminum of a 12oz aluminum beverage can; this represents less packaging material weight than the weight of an average bottle cap.  No packaging at all is required for still and sparkling water options. Not only is the Lavit packaging ultra-light and resource efficient, the Lavít capsule is the only 100% easy to recycle single serve capsule available on the market today. Thirdly, since the capsules contain dry powder instead of liquid, they are light to ship and are not sensitive to temperature, and therefore do not require energy intensive temperature controlled storage and transportation of heavy liquids.  By choosing to drink in a smarter way, we use less resources and create savings, which are used to do good by providing clean water to developing countries. 

Why did you decide to donate part of your proceeds to charity?

Embedded in the founding of Lavit is the idea that access to safe water is a human right. Embedded in the founding of Lavit is the idea that access to safe water is a human right. While the business aims to provide delicious water and beverages to paying customers in developed markets, building a business that is conscious of the impact it can have on others is just as important. Today, 800 million people around the world live without the most basic and urgent of human needs: clean water. That’s why Lavit has partnered with OneDrop. By donating a portion of the proceeds from every capsule sold, we are making a difference by providing sustainable access to safe water for communities in need worldwide. For every Lavit capsule consumed, someone in need receives clean drinking water for a day.

Lavit is currently in operation exclusively in the commercial space. Why did you choose this route and what are your plans for the future?

Lavit chose to launch first in the commercial space and to follow into the residential space two years later. We’re on track to do just that while revolutionizing the way America drinks.

Who is your ideal investor?

We are looking for value-add investors who have experience in consumer products, retail, and or health and wellness and believes in the social impact we seek to create.  Our ideal investor has a medium to long term vision and understands the opportunity to build a high value brand.

Gian Matteo Lo Faro

Mr. Lo Faro has over 20 years of successful experience founding and managing companies in both the United States and Europe. Mr. Lo Faro takes early stage risk and develops high-value add projects where significant differentiation potential, high margins and limited competition are possible. He has successfully developed the first lofts in Las Vegas, a net-lease luxury condominium tower on Central Park South, created new sub-markets in Aspen and the Hamptons, and developed a market leading self-storage company in Switzerland. Mr. Lo Faro previously served in the corporate world as Director of Marketing Communications worldwide for the €3bil Gas, Electric and Water metering division of Schlumberger Industries. For more information, please visit or email Lo Faro at