July 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 329

Q&A with Greg Writer, Launch Cart, Inc.


Principal Series:

Launch Cart is a tech company creating a better, faster, higher converting eCommerce platform, using a FREEmium go to market strategy, with an integrated Ready-to-Sell B2B Marketplace that will lower the barrier of entry worldwide for tens of millions of entrepreneurs to build an online eCommerce business.

The Ready-to-Sell B2B Marketplace is a wholesale marketplace where brands and manufacturers can list their products for Launch Cart customers to sell on a “drop ship” “affiliate marketing” model, creating a distribution channel with millions of sellers worldwide for the brands manufacturers.

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Why are you going to market as a FREEimum SaaS platform?

If you look back in history you will see that the biggest online tech giants all launched with a freemium model. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Paypal, etc. After many hours of discussion and research we found that there has not been a major player on the eCommerce space that has a true freemium model. In addition with our ultimate goal of the Ready-to-Sell B2B Marketplace and generating fees from transactions, we decided this was the best and fastest way to onboard millions of sellers worldwide.

How do you expect to market and gain traction with the Launch Cart platform?

We have a 3 pronged approach with that. 1st we must create a better product. Faster, easier and a higher converting platform will gain new users organically because it is a superior product in the marketplace, offered for FREE. Nothing sells product better than a great product! 2nd because of the freemium go to market strategy, we know we can advertise and acquire customers at very affordable costs, currently running at $.85-$1.53 per register user, we could acquire over 1 million customers for about $1.5 million at which point we would be in the top 5 in our space. 3rd we will use celebrities and influencers to help drive brand awareness, customers and buyers to our platform and eCommerce stores. Management has a proven history of leveraging celebrities to drive massive growth and this has played out many times over the years with celebrities building billion dollar brands online.

What are the top challenges you have right now in executing your business plan?

Coming out of Covid 19 lock-down has created an unprecedented opportunity for those in the eCommerce space. For us our biggest challenge is finding and hiring the proper talent to scale the business. We have the opportunity to grow 100x in the next 12 months and the team will play a critical role in the optimization of this growth. And the other will be the proper funding, because of the freemium go to market strategy, revenues will lag for months form obtaining a user to generating income from that user.

Greg Writer, Launch Cart, Inc.

Greg Writer, CEO and co-founder and Board Member of Launch Cart is a former investment banker and has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers & acquisitions, software development, licensing & distribution, and sales & marketing. Through this background he understands how to create wealth through public and private investments. In addition, Mr. Writer is considered a digital marketing expert and has generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue through sales of products direct to consumer online since 1997.

Contact Greg: ceo@celebritylifestylebrands.com