August 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 332

Q&A with John Desborough of Avydium Solutions LLC

Co-Founder & CEO

Principal Series:

Avydium is a US-based healthcare technology solution company that has developed unique healthtech solutions which can enable the prediction of and response to the COVID-19 crisis type scenarios facing the public health communities around the globe. It’s flagship product- Sentinel Syndromic Surveillance – is an investigational approach where public health department staff, assisted by automated data acquisition, statistical analysis and augmented/artificial intelligence, monitor disease indicators in real-time, or near real-time, to detect and provide alerts on disease outbreaks earlier than would otherwise be possible with traditional public health methods. (Recall the coronavirus case ‘heat map’ of cases around the world, on the news casts, that showed where outbreaks were happening!)

In the COVID crisis, and some of the other pandemics in the past, countries, states, counties and municipalities were NOT prepared to track awareness of and symptoms arising in their populations and we have seen the impact of not being able to respond with appropriate protective equipment, ventilators, and other critical emergency materials.

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Why is 'now' the right time to invest in your solution?

The COVID crisis caught every country, state, county and municipality unprepared to track awareness of and symptoms arising in their populations from the virus. Most countries had developed a 'pandemic plan' after the SARS epidemic in 2003/4 BUT all of the plans, tools and stockpiles of necessary equipment were mothballed. NO ONE expected anything of this magnitude and the public health awareness, tracking and tracing systems were NOT part of the healthcare infrastructure the way they should have been.

We have seen the impact of not being able to respond with appropriate protective equipment, ventilators, and other critical emergency materials due to the sheer magnitude and rapidity of the onset of the virus. In parallel, other outbreaks have been occurring - measles, dengue, yellow fever, avian flue, etc. - in areas that have been ravaged by the coronavirus: many countries are still not able to track and identify those cases (or even vaccinations, in some cases, as a proactive measure).

Avydium's solution provides an ecosystem of applications and a 'health data exchange' platform that allows all levels of governments and corporations/organizations to monitor the health and wellness of their populations and to assist in predicting the advent of and managing the spread of infectious diseases. Our solution is targeted to fill in the gaps in the healthcare infrastructure in countries and organizations where there is little or no capability for this type of 'syndromic/disease surveillance'.

How big is this market and is it limited to "business-to-government"?

The healthcare analytics market size in 2026 predicted to be worth more than US $50+ Bn – from a US $12-15 Bn market in 2018/2019 (23%+ CAGR – Acumen Research; 27+% CAGR - Gartner). Estimates are surfacing that the public health monitoring (surveillance) market, part of the preceding market figures, will apprise $15-20 Bn of the total spend but until the COVID crisis has receded, government spending estimates in this domain will not be know. What IS known is that the overall market for the tracking and tracing of infectious diseases will increase.

Example: in US, $8.3 Bn “coronavirus funding” included $950M for state and local health departments in the current fiscal year– a significant portion to be spent on surveillance and associated analytics.

Avydium has a ‘corporate community’ version of their Surveillance platform that will allow organizations to respectfully monitor staff health and wellness, including infectious disease outbreaks, and provide better outcomes from Human Resources/Capital and Operations perspective (ie the ability to see that a plant has 20 percent of staff off work due to COVID and then be able to shift production to a ‘healthier’ location). This version also is targeted towards insurance companies, to provide platform to monitor health of clients in order to reduce costs of premiums and claims. The B2B products are targeted to Asia, North America and Europe.

For family offices looking to generate impact as well as profit what do you offer?

Our mission is to create significant, positive outcomes for our clients and, by doing so, impact the lives of 100 million people worldwide to create better health outcomes.

In addition to generating substantial returns for a Family Office client, we would like offer the opportunity to 'brand' the solution and create a legacy for themselves - for example ""The Family-Name Sentinel Surveillance Solution (powered by Avydium)"" or the ""Family-Name Wellness Solution (powered by Avydium)"".

Creating a Family-legacy healthcare solution ecosystem that generates not only a profitable return but touches the lives of millions of people around the world, could be an opportunity grow not only this business but to connect the Family Office to other healthcare related opportunities around the globe.

John Desborough of Avydium Solutions LLC

Co-Founder & CEO – John Desborough has over 35 years of extensive experience with over 450 clients around the globe in the areas of in transformation strategy, IT portfolio and program management, enterprise information management & governance and business intelligence/analytics. He has significant experience managing programs in excess of $30M and growing global services practice from $4M to $150M annual bookings and 40 to 750 staff, in 4 years. His client list includes: Aon, Shaw Communications, ABN AMRO, Wesleyan Assurance, Enbridge, UK Government, Government of Canada, Citibank, Westpac Bank, and General Motors. Contact John: