August 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 331

Q&A with Lee Roberts of SharpVue Capital

Managing Partner

Principal Series:

SharpVue Capital is a real estate private equity firm based in Raleigh, North Carolina. SharpVue invests in a range of property types and across the capital stack in the growth markets of the Southeastern United States. SharpVue has deployed $98 million into sixteen off-market transactions properties since inception.

The firm is currently raising Fund II, targeting $200 million, and has held a first close on $25 million led by a significant anchor.

LPs thus far have responded well to the team’s geographic focus, strong reputation, and track record. In addition, the current turmoil in the real estate industry has created a significant advantage for well-capitalized, nimble “sharpshooters” with direct sourcing capabilities.

You may find it interesting to hear about SharpVue’s diversified strategy across property/security type, its sourcing advantage, and the attractive exit dynamics in the sector.

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Why invest in the U.S. Southeast?

The Southeast has grown at twice the national average over the past ten years, and the U.S. Census Bureau expects it to grow at twice the national average over the next ten years. Current conditions appear to be accelerating this trend, as businesses and families seek lower taxes, a more favorable business climate, and lower population density. Despite recent growth, there remain significant investment opportunities across the region.

Why invest with a local "sharpshooter", instead of one of the larger players?

Two reasons: first, the best way to outperform is to find "off-market" deals rather than paying a premium at auction. Only a local player with its ear to the ground can source these opportunities, while the larger firms compete in marketed sale processes. Second, there is a gap in the market at SharpVue's deal size ($4-12 million), larger than the "friends and family" deals but below the size threshold of the big national investors.

Why choose a firm that invests across product types and across the capital stack, instead of with a specialist?

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Product type specialists have to invest in their specific product type at every point in the cycle, even if conditions are not favorable. Dedicated equity or debt investors only have one tool with which to approach a prospective transaction. SharpVue's flexibility allows us to identify attractive opportunities across cycles and market conditions, and to price risk effectively by investing in off-market deals at the most favorable place in the capital structure.

Lee Roberts of SharpVue Capital

Lee Roberts founded and leads SharpVue Capital. He has spent his 25+ year career in real estate investment and finance and has been involved in the sector in several contexts, including private equity, investment banking and commercial banking. Immediately prior to SharpVue, he served as budget director for the State of North Carolina, a role in which, among other initiatives, he led an effort to rationalize the state’s real estate portfolio. He has a JD from Georgetown University and a BA from Duke University. Contact Lee: