January 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 571

Q&A with John Tilak of ThinkSuite Inc


Principal Series:

ThinkSuite is creating a corporate dealmaking platform that is reimagining the way human beings interact with each other and form meaningful relationships. We recognize that deals are driven by relationships and we seek to bring efficiency into the system by facilitating high-quality connections between our members. We address the pain point of fundraising for PE general partners by connecting them with LPs and the pain point of dealflow by connecting GPs to deal opportunities. We connect people through events, email introductions, pod communities and an online platform.

Meet John Tilak, Co-Founder and CEO of ThinkSuite Inc. They are creating a corporate dealmaking platform that is reimagining the way human beings interact with each other and form meaningful relationships. ThinkSuite does that by making targeted matches and forming powerful curated communities that bring exceptional people with complementary interests into the same room. John previously worked as a reporter for Thomson Reuters for over a decade.


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What differentiates ThinkSuite from other networking platforms?

We place relationships at the heart of dealmaking. As an M&A reporter, I learnt that connections between CEOs resulted in mergers. We put that knowledge to work. Corporate networking platforms like Lunchclub and struggle to find high-quality names that we have been able to target.

What is ThinkSuite's value proposition?

Our unique system of offering precise warm introductions dramatically shortens the business development and dealmaking cycle typically required to find high-caliber individuals and high-quality deal flow.

Sometimes it can take months to get in front of someone, if at all possible. We quickly give vetted individuals a seat at the table.

What is your vision for ThinkSuite?

Our precise matchmaking between preeminent LPs, GPs and target companies brings incredible efficiency into the system and results in game-changing partnerships. We believe this will be the smartest way for people to do deals. Out vision is to create the digital version of Davos, where there is a true exchange of ideas and a meeting of great minds. We want to generate billions of dollars in transactions by making smart, thoughtful and data-driven connections.

John Tilak of ThinkSuite Inc

John Tilak, Co-Founder and CEO: Drives sales and deals at ThinkSuite. A former lead Canadian M&A reporter at Thomson Reuters with deep expertise in deals, private equity and startups, he has a proven track record of success in various high-stakes projects. Has a powerful network of connections across financial services and technology.

Contact John: john@thinksuite.co