July 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 240

Q&A with Karl Andersen of AV Group Ltd.

Founder and CEO

Principal Series:

Our Company is the first Nordic ESG and Impact focused enterprise bringing unique deal flow to market. We have Funds in both Singapore and Cayman Islands. Our team is experienced in venture capital, energy markets, investment banking, private equity and are experience operators of technology companies.

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How are we going to make money on investment in Nordic ESG and Impact?

The Nordics and Norway have large supply of advanced technology but a short supply of growth equity investors. The unique deal flow, especially related to renewables, green data centers, smart city/society and anything having to do with energy efficiency is overlooked by most Private Equity and Growth Equity investors. AVG's team are specialists in this area.

How does the Norwegian Government Co-Invest?

The Norwegian Government supports the Fund through not only grants and forgivable loans to the investee companies, but can co-invest alongside the Fund or place capital directly into Fund for specific deals. This helps substantially de-risk the investments into these companies.

What is a brief philosophy of the Fund?

The philosophy of the Fund is a focus on a bigger market trend, which is investments into the expansion of energy efficiency in infrastructure and technology. While Energy efficiency is broken up into different categories, Renewable Energy Markets, Smart Cities/Societies, industrial IOT etc., all of these things play into this larger market trend of energy diversification. In addition, since the price of solar is now cheaper than oil, emerging markets have the opportunity to connect to the grid. Norway and the Nordics are focused on bringing new and real technological solutions and investments in infrastructure to support this. AVG is a key partner in the execution of this strategy.

Karl Andersen of AV Group Ltd.

My background started as a trader at Danke Bank in FX. I have held partnership positions in broker dealers (commodities focused), hedge funds (insurance linked securities) and owned a reinsurance company focused on hedging public pension funds. I work closely with the Government of Norway and this Fund to bring energy efficient technology to the markets.