March 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 605

Q&A with Marshall Johnson of Northspring Partners

Managing Partner

Principal Series:

Northspring Partners is a U.S.-based private equity firm focused on partnering with driven search fund entrepreneurs to find and operate the companies we acquire. We make minority investments in private companies with exponential growth potential in the lower middle market.

-$50M fund to make minority position investments in the lower middle market.
– Historically the search fund model generates 35% IRR going back to the early eighties.
– Diversified portfolio with 30+ profitable companies operating in the lower middle-market.
– Backing driven entrepreneurs with aligned incentives to run the companies they acquire.


A Private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Marshall Johnson of Northspring Partners

Contact Marshall: for recording or to discuss investment in the fund.

Northspring Partners is a private equity firm focused on partnering with driven entrepreneurs and investing in lower-middle-market companies with exponential growth potential. This asset class has historically returned 5x.

March 22, 2023 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST

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What is the key differentiator of your private equity fund?

Northspring Partners invested the in the Search Fund asset class started out of Stanford University. We back successful CEOs to acquire and operate companies. Historical returns of 5.2 x ROI and 35% IRR.

How has the model delivered 5.2 x ROI and 35% IRR over a 40 year period?

Backing exceptional CEOs to find and acquire high-potential companies at low valuations.

Why is this a great investment for a family office?

Very diversified way to invest in profitable companies in the lower middle market with high historical returns. No more than 5% of the fund will be invested in any one company.

Marshall Johnson of Northspring Partners

Marshall Johnson and Nathan Dey are the cofounders and General Partners. They are both former search fund operators. After achieving great success utilizing the search fund model to acquire and operate a company, they are raising a fund to mentor the next generation of search fund operators to achieve high returns.

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