September 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 586

Q&A with Michael Calvo Elhauge of Pactum Partners

Founder & CEO

Luminary Series:

PACTUM PARTNERS was founded on the understanding that sophisticated family offices, aligned through shared missions, visions, and values, would benefit from a partner dedicated to fostering co-investment and peer collaboration.

Family Offices, in ever increasing numbers, leverage their entrepreneurial DNA in the pursuit of direct investments. Offices struggle to review proposed investments due to a lack of trust, experience, staff, and/or time. The challenges, associated with the rise in direct investments, encourage a desire for co- investment with like-minded entities. A misalignment in values and horizons, alongside an environment of high fees, drives family offices from traditional investments in public equities and fund structures. High standards with regards to privacy, discretion, and security further limit potential strategic partners.

We believe that the best long-term partner for family offices are other family offices. Uniquely capable of leveraging their significant shared expertise, capital, and influence, inter-family office partnerships provide an attractive alternative to traditional fund managers by operating with greater control and flexibility without facing limiting time horizons, high fees, and regulatory restrictions. The opportunity for cross-collaboration often presents itself beyond the traditional realm of capital allocation.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Luminary Series Interview with Michael Calvo Elhauge, the Founder & CEO of Pactum Partners. As an international multilingual family office advisor, Michael has spent the last decade counseling over 200 single family offices across the Americas and Europe. He currently serves as Founder & CEO of Pactum Partners, a family office advisory firm facilitating direct co-investments between family offices with overlapping investment mandates.

After graduating from the NYU Stern School of Business, Michael began his career as an associate for a private Single Family Office, sourcing family office co-investment for the REIT of the patriarch.

Recruited by the fintech platform Trusted Family as the manager for the Americas, he was responsible for advising 60+ multi-generational client family office’s with regards to their governance, engagement, cyber-security, and communication.

Identifying his passion for serving family office’s, Michael was appointed, by the Family Office Exchange, as the relationship manager for Europe and Latin America where he oversaw 3 international councils and managed all 70+ international member single family offices and advisors.

Later transitioning into a role as a Multi-Family Office Investment Associate for WE Family Offices, responsible for advising on client families strategic asset allocations.

September 30, 2022 at 12:00pm-1:00pm EST
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Michael Calvo Elhauge of Pactum Partners

Michael Calvo Elhauge serves as Founder & CEO of Pactum Partners, managing a total of 11 partners covering 14 different languages. The management team consists additionally of Edward Chen, Anthony Simola, and Kevin Yang. Our family office next-generation team consists of Eduardo Cavazos, Niklas Lord, and Arjun Singh Badal. Our board of directors consists of Michael Calvo Elhauge, James Korman, and Alan Reid. Our senior advisors are Josh Smilowitz, Ben Phillips, CFA, and Dimitrios Katsiklis.

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