June 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 608

Q&A with Nick Janicki of GeniusX

CEO / Co-Founder

Luminary Series:

GeniusX is an XR education company redefining experiential learning in mobile VR, Augmented Reality, and AI. Their platform Retreat launched on the official Meta Quest store on Dec 22′ with 14 influential educators and their personal and professional development courses. With 12 additional courses in development for 2023 and a significant grant from Meta’s immersive learning fund, Retreat is launching its AR + AI enterprise division and porting to all major VR headsets. Called the multiplayer Masterclass of Virtual Reality and nominated as the VR Rising Company of the Year at the International VR Awards, they continue to focus on making education accessible, community-driven, and enjoyable for everyone.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar  featuring Nick Janicki, a seasoned entrepreneur on a mission to build exponential technology that uplifts the human spirit and intellect. Nick and his co-founder Lyle Maxson have spent years building VR platforms, creating innovative AI use cases, and working with the world’s biggest tech companies. Before launching GeniusX, Nick was the founder and CEO of True Rest, which became the world’s largest Float Spa franchisor with 55 locations open and 100 sold across 22 states making wellness technology accessible for the mainstream masses.

June 13, 2023 at 11:15am-12:15pm EST
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What is the opportunity for Investors?

GeniusX is planning a 200M+ exit within 24+ months. VR is getting an unprecedented 40X+ ARR due to the industry's novel state. If we achieve a 4M annual ARR, we will be positioned well for a potential exit. We continue to develop the most advanced technologies into our platforms to stay relevant and fresh in the marketplace while delivering on our promise of practical utility, longevity, and uplifting human intellect and spirit. We are at a 40M market cap; this would give current investors a 5x+ on investment.

What are the opportunities in the Ed Tech space that GeniusX sees and seeks to capture? Why now?

- Enterprise training is seeing unprecedented growth with very few practical solutions. Immersive technology + AI can drive personalized and experiential learning at scale for thousands of use cases on demand.

-AI-driven solutions are penetrating the market at record speeds. So let's uplift education and training with personalized solutions with 3-4x learning and retention rates.
Professional development will grow by $3.75B in the next few years alone.

- Apples Reality One headset is slated to launch later this year (2023), moving the VR/AR industry from the Blackberry days to the iPhone, propelling this highly anticipated future into the mainstream.

- Companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Tencent will follow suit in the next 12-24 months with their own hardware and software solutions.

What are the biggest roadblocks to your success? And how do you plan to overcome them?

Target market fit and market adoption are the biggest hurdles to overcome.

Upon launching our initial consumer VR education app, Retreat, we were underwhelmed by the overall consumer market response. However, this can be overcome by directly marketing individual courses to our target audience and offering overlapping content to a Web 2.0 audience via desktop and AI integration. This will allow short-term revenue while the market adapts to VR/AR adoption.

By focusing executive attention on enterprise solutions, we can become a leader in corporate training solutions within the next 12-18th months. We estimate the early market opportunity in enterprise to be $250M + of a much larger $340B+ professional development market. While the general market is sprinting towards easy to reproduce AI solutions, we are focused on the specific use case of training with Augmented reality and artificial intelligence combined. As a result, we are becoming the industry leader in using exponential technologies for highly effective educational solutions.

Nick Janicki of GeniusX

Founder of True REST franchising, scaled the business to the Top Float Spa Franchise in the world. Voted #7 best new franchise in the category in the 2019 Entrepreneur magazine and one of the top 5,000 private companies in Inc., 2020—a lead of several non-profit organizations. Focuses range from ending the 20-year persecution of Falun Gong spiritual practitioners in China and the brutal practice of forced organ harvesting to a revival of traditional arts, music, and dance.

Contact Nick: nick@geniusx.com