December 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 557

Q&A with Paola Origel of ChainLink Capital Management, LLC

General Partner/ Head of Investor Relations

Principal Series:

ChainLink Capital Management, LLC was created In 2017 as a traditional financial vehicle capable of capturing the outsized return potential of Blockchain and other cryptographic technologies. As these disruptive technologies entered the mainstream, ChainLink Capital launched its Luna fund, which focuses on maximizing risk-adjusted returns by providing comprehensive exposure to the asset class, including large cap, small cap, and pre-market “venture” assets, while mitigating volatility and drawdown risk through the diversification of a fund of funds strategy. The fund was awarded the #1 top performing crypto fund of funds in Q1 2021 by CryptoFundResearch.

In the Fall of 2020, the firm launched a complementary second fund of funds, ChainLink Ama Fund, a low-volatility vehicle to generate positive returns from crypto markets in bull and bear markets alike, using a variety of risk-neutral strategies. The fund is targeting to generate net returns that exceed traditional investments like the S&P 500, but with lower volatility than typical cryptocurrency market investments and low correlation with traditional assets.

Together, the two funds form a “barbell” strategy to balance risk and returns from this potent but volatile asset class.

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Featuring Andrew Hoppin and Paola Origel from ChainLink Capital Management, a manager of two crypto hedge fund of funds set up as traditional financial vehicles capable of capturing the outsized return potential of Blockchain and other cryptographic technologies.

December 13, 2021 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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What are the opportunities in the Blockchain/Crypto space that ChainLink Capital Management sees and seeks to capture?

We are fortunate to be experienced technology investors at a time when an entirely new technology-based asset class is being newly created. Cryptocurrencies have returned more than any other asset class over the past decade-- averaging >250% per year for Bitcoin alone-- but maximizing risk-adjusted returns is becoming increasingly complicated as the asset class matures. We help investors to allocate a portion of their portfolio to capture the opportunity inherent in crypto, in a manner that diversifies and reduces risk to their overall portfolio.

What differentiates ChainLink Capital from other (similar) funds?

We run funds of funds strategies as a way to achieve all of the important sub-sectors of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, from venture capital, to liquid token portfolios, to market-neutral “alpha” quantitative trading. This approach also mitigates the tail risks that are inherent in investing in the asset class at this early stage, by maximizing diversification. In this way, we believe we can maximize risk-adjusted returns relative to other direct trading or single crypto hedge fund investment strategy. Additionally, we have been in business longer than almost any other crypto hedge fund of funds manager, so we have an operational track record demonstrating our ability to navigate the volatile market cycles of crypto, and we have long-standing high-trust relationships with many of the most important investment managers in the industry.

How do you invest your own capital as partner in this asset class

We create our funds first and foremost as vehicles to invest our own capital. We believe our “Luna Fund” liquid venture fund is the best way to achieve and manage comprehensive long exposure to the asset class. All of our partners also achieve a “barbell” crypto portfolio strategy with our low-volatility “Ama” fund, which is designed to deliver strong returns from a variety of market-neutral trading stategies.

Paola Origel of ChainLink Capital Management, LLC

Paola Origel: IRO and Marketing
International Private Banking, HSBC
Business Development Executive at high-frequency trading software development company
Investor Relations, Confidas Family Offices
Previous Registrations: FINRA Series 7 & 63

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