December 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 558

Q&A with Pascal Lauria, CoinAnalyst

CEO and Cofounder

Principal Series:

CoinAnalyst is an entirely new platform designed to revolutionize crypto-currency trading industry by applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to social media and news to provide better insights into all relevant crypto currencies. This platform provides registered users with trends, sentiment data, news with great impact, and all relevant social media chatter and rumors. It provides access to a dashboard that monitors and analyzes crypto-market news data and sentiment in near real-time and additionally allows AI-based price predictions.

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December 16th, 2020 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST


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What is the aim of CoinAnalyst?

CoinAnalyst is a software system that enables any trader in the crypto asset sector and other industries to access a dashboard which monitors and analyses real-time data from the crypto and ICO market. CoinAnalyst is based on the patented Cogia technology which uses semantic indexing and structuring of online data using pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. Additionally, the system provides news, price quotes and messaging. Similar to the information provider Bloomberg in the traditional financial market, we want to become the equivalent information provider in the crypto market – not exclusive like Bloomberg, but open for the mass market.

Which company is behind CoinAnalyst?

CoinAnalyst is a German limited corporation and a subsidiary of Cogia GmbH. The company is one of the leading providers of AI-based and patented semantic solutions in the field of "Big Data Analytics". For 10 years it has been offering products for intelligent information search, organization and analysis for web content, social media and internal data.

What are the core technologies?

"CoinAnalyst is based on the patented technology of Cogia Intelligence and has unique features.
• Hight Impact News are displayed: AI here enables the identification of news that have a significant impact on the price development.
• ICO and coin scams are also identified using AI.
• Thanks to AI, the sentiment can be calculated for all coins and even a short-term price forecast can be made for selected coins.
• These evaluations are supplemented by a semantic analysis of all news articles and posts. In graphical form, this gives you a quick overview of the content of the news, the relevant topics and associations linked to specific keywords.
• You also have an overview of which influencers are currently active in social media.
• We also evaluate the Google graphs with regard to the search volume for certain terms such as ""Bitcoin"" or ""Buy Bitcoin""; from this, conclusions can be drawn regarding the possible development of the share price.

Pascal Lauria, CoinAnalyst

Pascal Lauria has more than 23 years of experience in IT business development and marketing. As former Xandros VP of Sales & Marketing EMEA & APAC, he expanded the company from 40 to 200 employees and was instrumental in the launch of the eeePC “Netbook Revolution” in partnership with ASUS, which generated sales of over $1 billion. His previous experience includes senior business development positions at Scalix, Samsung SDS and Ulead Systems. He holds an MBA from the German Graduate School of Management & Law and a BA from the University of Winnipeg in Canada. He is fluent in German, English and Italian and has intermediate knowledge of Mandarin.

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