April 2023
Vol 3 | Issue 602

Q&A with Paul Lucek of Ridgedale Advisors LP


Principal Series:

Ridgedale Advisors LP (“Ridgedale”) is a diversified multi-asset, multi-strategy investment manager trading over 100 global futures markets including commodities, equities, fixed income, and currencies. The Ridgedale team has managed over $1.3B. We invest side by side with our clients and our management company is well capitalized by both internal and outside partners. Our history:

Ridgedale Advisors LP 2017
SSARIS (partner of State Street Global Advisors alternatives group) 2001-2016
RXR Management 1983-2001

Our flagship offering is the Multi Strategy Program (“MSP”) began trading in 1986 and was designed to provide an uncorrelated, liquid, diversified return stream relative to traditional and alternative asset classes including equities, fixed income, private equity, private credit, and real estate.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Paul Lucek, the CEO/co-CIO at Ridgedale Advisors. The recent banking crisis is another contributing factor for volatility to remain elevated across global markets. The crises combined with the war in Ukraine, continued supply chain issues, increased tensions with the US and China, persistent global inflation and other global macro issues have and will create opportunities for investors. Paul an expert in his field will provide his thoughts and outlook on global markets. Paul has over 25 years of experience in the hedge fund industry and previously was the CEO and CIO of SSARIS an affiliate of State Street Global Advisors.

April 27, 2023 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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Explain the launch Ridgedale Advisors with MSP's inception of 1986?

- The principals of Ridgedale have been trading MSP since its inception in 1986 in companies preceding Ridgedale. Co-CIO Mark Rosenberg founded RXR Management in 1983 and initiated the MSP strategy in 1986.

- RXR Management sold a majority interest to State Street Global Advisors in 2001 and the company was renamed SSARIS Advisors.

-The principals of Ridgedale repurchased SSgA’s interest in 2016 and established Ridgedale in 2017. The track record back to 1986 is now owned by Ridgedale.

What differentiates Ridgedale Advisors from other investment firms particularly hedge funds that are in a similar space?

- Ridgedale owns track record dating back to 1986 the program has demonstrated consistent performance, downside risk mitigation, and a dynamic correlation profile.

- The program also demonstrates differentiation relative to other futures-based managers, providing strong upside capture during periods of rising volatility while mitigating performance drawdowns during periods of directionless volatility that can negatively affect purely divergent strategies.

What are the opportunities right now in the current market environment and on a go forward basis that make it the right time to invest in the Ridgedale strategies?

- Ridgedale’s Multi-Strategy Program implements a convergent/divergent investment approach to generate positive uncorrelated alpha since 1986, performing especially well during crisis environments.

- Our program can provide diversification to clients’ equity and fixed income allocations as well as their allocation to alternative investments because of our non-correlation opportunities

Paul Lucek of Ridgedale Advisors LP

Paul leads portfolio management and development of new investment and risk management strategies and co-leads the investment Committee.

Prior to joining Ridgedale, Paul served as CEO and CIO of SSARIS until 2016, and prior to that as Director of Research. Before joining SSARIS in 2004, Paul developed quantitative algorithms for trading stock index futures and used this expertise to launch SITE Capital Management LLC in 1996, a CTA and CPO that focused on systematic equity derivatives and options strategies. Paul was previously part of the Human Genome Project at Columbia University as a candidate in the MD/PhD program and rec

Contac Paul: plucek@ridgedaleadvisors.com