July 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 599

Q&A with Philip Falcone of Madison Technologies, Inc.


Luminary Series:

Madison Technologies, Inc. wholly owned subsidiary, Blockchain.TV, is developing and launching a Decentralized Content Platform, a revolutionary blockchain-driven video platform designed to amplify quality content and connect it with the right audience while empowering individuals to create, curate and validate high-quality content. Blockchain.tv leverages a unique algorithm that harmonizes community efforts and viewer preferences ensuring the right content reaches the right consumer. But that’s not all – our platform is entirely decentralized, meaning there’s no governing body. Instead we rely on the collective intelligence and engagement of our community. Plus, we reward contributors, curators and validators through our transparent reward program, giving due recognition and incentives for their efforts. Join us as we democratize content curation, reward creativity, and curate a tailored viewing experience for everyone, powered by community and blockchain technology. Our Decentralized Content Platform – bringing power back to the content creators and those that consume the content.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Wall Street veteran and serial investor Philip Falcone who is attempting to redefine the social platform ecosystem by building out the next generation blockchain-centric video content platform/tv network. Philip has spent a number of years in the media and telecom space with an accomplished 30+ years of Wall Street experience. Prior to Madison Technologies Inc., Philip was Founder/Chairman/CEO of Innovate, HRG Inc. (now known as Spectrum Brands) and and Harbinger Capital Partners where he made over $11b for the fund during the sub prime crisis.

July 27th , 2023 at 11:15am-12:15pm EST
RSVP & Confirmation Required
Investors Only Please

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What is the opportunity that you see in the media space and why now?

The opportunity for change in social platforms has never been better. Consumers are increasingly suspect of a centralized authority which can and does control the narrative. Decentralizing the process and creating an ecosystem that brings control back to the creator and consumer is ripe for takeoff. Further, with hyper production, it's hard for viewers to focus and find things that actually matter as social platforms have become behavior modified empires for the select few. Our platform will challenge these problems head on by allowing people to form a community that will combine strengths to create, curate and validate quality content while reallocating and sharing economics based on the individual's contribution to the platform.

What differentiates Madison Technologies (Blockchain.tv) from it's peers?

Very simple, no one is doing what we are doing. One is not able decentralize a platform in the matter that we are doing without utilizing blockchain technology. Consequently, new industries and opportunities are arising because certain groups are embracing the new realm. Blockchain technology is here to stay and will transform industries in ways that we cannot fathom. Our approach is cutting edge as we are embracing the technology and applying it to an exploding segment - social platforms. This not investing capital into crypto currency, this is investing in the technology, a platform and the resulting distribution of information.

What is the opportunity for investors?

Madison Technologies, Inc., the holding company for Blockchain.tv, is issuing $3mm of common equity plus a utility token to potential investors for the ongoing development and launch of its Decentralized Content Platform and 24/7 Broadcast and Streaming Network. Madison's pre-money valuation is approximately $15mm, despite over $13mm of already invested capital. The company is targeting a MOIC of 10x+ as it believes the timing could not be better. Madison is currently listed in the OTC Pink sheets giving investors unparalleled transparency. In addition, the Company has plans to uplist to Nasdaq over the next 12 months, creating an additional liquidity mechanism for investors.

Philip Falcone of Madison Technologies, Inc.

CEO and Chairman, has been married for over 24 years. They have two girls, Liliana and Carolina, aged 18, who attend The Brearley School on East 83rd Street in NYC. Philip attended Harvard University and graduated with an AB in Economics. Upon graduation, Philip, an avid hockey player, spent one year in Sweden playing professional hockey. He then moved to New York City where he started his career in finance. He’s held senior positions at major banking firms beginning in 1986 at Kidder Peabody and continuing on to senior positions at Natwest and Barclays Bank where he ran the High Yield trading desks. He left the banking world in 2001 and with $25mm, started his hedge fund, Harbinger Capital Partners, which he grew to over $26 billion by 2008, with a primary focus on telecom and media. Over the last 10 years, he’s founded and built NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies, SPECTRUM BRANDS NYSE:SPB and INNOVATE NASDAQ:VATE, where he served as Chairman and CEO for both entities. He’s currently focused on building out a third public company, Madison Technologies, Inc., which he has recently taken control of and is now the Chairman and CEO. Philip and Lisa have been “quiet” and avid supporters of the arts where Lisa has served on the board of the NYC Ballet. Philip and Lisa have also been very supportive of the Highline since its inception, along with other philanthropic endeavors in NYC.

Contact Philip: pfalcone@go.tv