October 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 587

Q&A with Richard Wilson of InvestorResidences.com, LLC


Luminary Series:

InvestorResidences.com is a short-term rental real estate platform. After running their sister company, Family Office Club for 15 years now, hosting 185 live events, closing $300M+ in deals, and meeting over 3,000 ultra-wealthy investors face-to-face they have designed the most aligned investment structure possible. Investors who put capital to work within their 10 Property Short-Term Rental Fund get a tax-efficient investment, quarterly cash flows, and the investment sponsor does not earn $1 until investors have doubled their investment. Once investors double their investment they are left with a lifetime vacation credit for as long as InvestorResidences.com owns the properties, and within other properties as the network of assets grow. This offering is open for investment now and more details may be found at https://investorresidences.com

Join us for a webinar featuring Richard C. Wilson, founder of passive real estate investment platform called InvestorResidences.com. InvestorResidences.com aims to double investor capital through investments in 10-20 short-term rental assets that focus on unique experiences. Investors get bonus depreciation in year one, cash flow dividends every quarter, and most importantly, their business does not make $1 until you double your capital in the deal. While everyone else charges acquisition, management, disposition and sometimes 5 other types of fees, they charge no fees until after you get a 2x return on your capital, after which you are left with a lifetime vacation credit in their real estate platform.

October 17, 2022 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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Why Short-Term Rentals?

Most investors do not have any allocation to short-term rentals, so this assets can help investors diversify into another segment in their portfolio. Institutional investments into short-term rentals is on the rise but represents only .7% of the industry, less than 1% currently. Short-term rentals provider superior cap rates when compared to storage, multifamily, or single family residential assets.

How Does Your Structure Work?

We provide investors with a diversified fund of 10 short-term rental assets. They are not charged upfront, ongoing, or disposition fees, we just have to pay our property managers, utilities, cleaning fees, taxes, etc. of course. As an investment sponsor we make no money until investors have doubled their capital, after which they are left with a lifetime vacation benefit.

What Makes Your Short-Term Rental Assets Unique?

We only purchase experience properties. This means fire stations, a Grand Canyon historical trading post made into an airbnb, a 50 acre property with a ranch on it with rooms for additional cabins, or a themed house on a river or lake or ocean. We look for properties which offer room for many guests to sleep at theme and truly unique experiences.

Richard Wilson of InvestorResidences.com, LLC

Contact Richard: Richard@InvestorResidences.com