September 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 558

Q&A with Sam Payrovi of ArkHAUS

Co-Founder & CEO

Principal Series:

ArkHAUS is the first ever lifestyle membership club on water, coming to Miami in Spring of 2022 then expanding globally. An exclusive club where a highly powerful membership base can meet, relax or entertain from a floating villa, complete with outdoor decks & rooftop lounges overlooking a protected pool in the center. ArkHAUS is a configuration of 4 * Arkup 40’ vessels arranged to create a square platform providing an exclusive getaway for our members.

The concept is a result of the partnership between CSTM HAUS and Arkup – makers of the world’s premier houseboat (Arkup 75’). After Arkup unveiled their next generation vessel to CSTM HAUS, the two collaborated to envision what the membership club of the future would look like.

Join us for the private Family Office Insights announcement of ArkHAUS – a floating members club coming to Miami’s Biscayne and waterfronts worldwide. Brought to you by the team behind CSTM HAUS, the opportunity will be announced during a webinar on September 28th. Interested parties may subsequently attend a live investor event at CSTM HAUS NYC to meet the team, discover their culture of innovation, and understand how they will disrupt and further elevate the private membership club space.

Sept 27, 2021 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
RSVP & Confirmation Required

Investors Only Please!

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How do you plan to protect your position as the only marine based membership club?

A MOAT around ArkHAUS? Of course we thought of it.

Before we placed our initial deposits with the manufacturer of the vessels (Arkup), we asked them for this ROFR (Right of First Refusal): Should any person or organization aim to purchase vessels for a floating membership club in another city, the manufacturer will provide ArkHAUS the opportunity to purchase vessels in advance of that competing entity for that city.

We have ensured that ArkHAUS will cement its position as the only floating members club in every city of our focus.

How and why is the company shifting from CSTM HAUS to ArkHAUS?

It is true that ArkHAUS will become the primary focus. However, rather than fading away, CSTM HAUS will shift into a supporting role for ArkHAUS.

In cities where an ArkHAUS is possible, an 'on-land' CSTM HAUS will likely also exist, providing a larger coworking+lifestyle membership to exist. This serves to provide a larger membership pool for ArkHAUS as CSTM HAUS members will receive nominal access. Those members do pay for this access, and it is at a higher per-hour rate than ArkHAUS members effectively pay. So this not only serves to increase usage, but also raises the average hourly rate.

In addition, whereas there may be a half dozen ArkHAUS locations globally, dozens of CSTM HAUS locations can easily be opened without complicating the ArkHAUS entity itself. This again grows a secondary membership pool around the world for ArkHAUS. CSTM HAUS members in non-ArkHAUS cities will now be paying for access to ArkHAUS when they are in one of those cities.

The ArkHAUS parent Saintly Corp structure seems to be complex. Why is this and how will it change?

Saintly Corp was initially formed as a single retail technology startup, which is still operating. The CSTM HAUS hospitality business was started internally so that our showroom, normally an expense, could instead become an events space and coworking/lifestyle membership club and generate revenue for the technology business' operations. With CSTM HAUS seeing good success, the expansion plans have now led to the ArkHAUS concept. This is why there are multiple DBAs under a single C-Corp.

However, marine insurance will require us to create a new entity for the ArkHAUS business. This will be a clean C-Corp and all assets and investments will be made into this entity. The entity will be spun-out and owned by Saintly Corp, rather than owned by the Co-Founders to start.

Sam Payrovi of ArkHAUS

Sam is a 14 year investment banker turned serial entrepreneur. Graduating from UCLA with dual degrees, in 2001 he joined Bear Stearns’ market leading mortgage analytics F.A.ST. group. By 2006, he was running Royal Bank of Scotland’s Asset Backed Securities Structuring team, before launching a Fin-Tech mortgage startup, ProtEquity Group. In 2012, a trip to SE Asia inspired an entrepreneurial journey that would span multiple companies under one corporation, now culminating in ArkHAUS.
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