November 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 350

Q&A with Sanjay C. Parab of Sustainable Renewable Energy

Founder and Managing Director

Principal Series:

Sustainable Renewable Energy is a Build Own and Operate company dedicated to developing Biomass and Agriculture based biogas projects on the strength of a proven, 2nd generation WABIO – Anaerobic Digester (AD) Technology which SRE is sole licensee of. The stability of the returns from the LCFS and RIN markets coupled with multiple revenue streams provides great returns to investors. Founding team members have deep experience in Renewable Energy field and have patents and years of operating experience on these projects. In collaboration with a leading sugar mill in Louisiana, SRE intends to Build Own and Operate one of the largest renewable energy projects utilizing 50,000 Metric tons each of bagasse and pressed mud per year (total 100,000 tons/year) to yield ~27 Tons/day of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) or ~450,000 MMBtu/year of RNG. Sugar Mill is providing land and raw materials for the project. SRE seeks to raise $30 Million in equity and debt for this project.

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December 1st, 2020 • 2:15pm-3:15pm EST



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Why Sugar Mill Anaerobic Digester (AD) project?

This project is perfect for several reasons:
- 1.5 Million Tons of bagasse is on site representing adequate feedstock for the next 15 years. In addition, this sugar mill generates ~75,000 to 80,000 Metric tons of excess bagasse and press mud waste annually.
- Currently there are 13 Sugar Mills in Louisiana and several more in Texas and Florida that face similar issues.
- Proven technology that has been validated by HPC AG after 1 year study that Wabio Technology can digest bagasse. Similar bagasse projects under construction in Eastern Europe and South America.
- Proximity to local and interstate pipelines (2#) within the plant boundary limits.
- Warm, sub tropical climate in Louisiana, conducive for Biogas projects.
- Large vibrant local Horticulture industry in Louisiana that requires organic fertilizer.
- One of the largest Gulf Coast Denbury Green Carbon dioxide pipeline within 25 to 30 miles from the plant.
- Stable LCFS and RIN markets
In short, this project represents the low hanging fruit and is in line with SRE's long term vision of creating circular economies for each sector it undertakes its projects in.

How is this project different from other Digester projects?

- This project uses Agricultural biomass as a feed stock.
- This project integrates the Carbon dioxide capture and storage, which gives this project a tremendous additional advantage in the form of 45Q tax credits for carbon sequestration, and much higher levels of Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit generation on account of the dramatically lower lifecycle carbon footprint and the type of raw material used as feedstock for the fuels this project will produce.
- The project actually pays the sugar mill for the purchase of bagasse and instead of an headache, waste will be a source of revenue to the sugar mill.
- As 100% of water is recycled, this clean efficient process shall have Zero Liquid Discharge.
- This project will utilize total of 100,000 Metric tons per year of bagasse and press mud as feed to generate 986.5 scfm or 450,000 MMBtu/y of salable Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).
-This Renewable Energy project aims to demonstrate a model that can be replicated globally to profitably mitigate the connected issues of agricultural waste, climate, and affordable transportation fuels.

What does this project offer stakeholders?

• Investment in state of the art disruptive technology that provides a viable and sustainable solution. Further it presents to the agricultural and food industry a win win solution to pollution and highly attractive and stable returns to the investors and developers.
• A carefully risk managed investment that offers a conservative 27.2% IRR or payback of ~4 years. The cash flow has been validated by 2 independent 3rd parties and revenues projected to be as much as 2X higher than conservative calculations by SRE.
• A mature, proven, 2nd generation Biogas technology (Wabio) with multiple projects in operation across 2 continents and technology that has been evaluated by independent agencies such as TUV and HPC AG.
• A proven team (SRE) with deep experience in Renewable Energy Technology.
• Natural Gas pipelines for injection pipelines available on site.
• Sugar Mill deeply vested in the project- they get paid for the raw material and reduce the bagasse waste risk on their property. They have allocated 10 acres of land for the project.
• Investment in a stable and vibrant RIN and LCFS market that is closely monitored by Federal and State Agencies.

Sanjay C. Parab of Sustainable Renewable Energy

Sanjay Parab has over 3 decades of EPC experience with organizations ranging from Dupont, Fuel Cell Energy, Siemens Water Technology, Aspen Aerogels to technologies ranging from PET polymers, Fuel Cells, Water and Waste Water purification technologies, in addition to experience in scaling up projects from Lab Scale to Commercialization. His experience and background in Renewable Energy and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology goes 2 decades back in 1999- 2004, when he helped develop Fuel Cell Balance of Plant (BoP) to utilize Biogas as a fuel directly into its fuel cells. He has spent the last 5 years reviewing different AD technologies that could effectively utilize lignocellulosic biomass as feedstock, in addition to understanding the LCFS and RIN markets as well as biogas purification and injection, carbon dioxide and organic fertilizer technologies and market requirements.

He is a Masters in Chemical Engineering from CUNY and MBA from Boston College. He holds several patents in fuel cells and renewable energy. Contact Sanjay: