March 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 292

Q&A with Simon Yi of PhysioCue

President & COO

Principal Series:

PhysioCue is a five-year-old consumer digital health and therapy device development company, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, that has developed the following devices:

1. A Hypertension therapy device,
2. Migraine and headache therapy device
3. Migraine and headache monitoring mobile app.
4. A bio-sensor and blood pressure monitoring mobile app

Our biosensor is paired with PhysioCue’s mobile app which will record and transmit the data to keep health records. It will help record the patent’s BP history and send data to their primary caretakers. We are also making migraine and headache monitoring solutions.

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Describe the problem we are trying to solve.

Hypertension, headache and bio-sensor driven markets are enormous in size and potential. More than 30% of the world population has hypertension and the consequent cost of the individual and the society are mounting, $5T/year direct and indirect. Headache and migraine have a similar epidemical statistic as well. Furthermore, hypertension is known as a silent killer since it is responsible for most of the mortality and paramount diseases of cardiovascular, kidney, bone, vision, and even sexual problems. Drugs are expensive, averaging more than $150 per month, and can have severe side-effects that cause many patients to seek alternative treatments—or none at all.
PhysioCue Product lines are in 3 major categories. 1. High blood pressure reduction therapy 2. Migraine headache therapy 3. Bio-sensor blood pressure monitors: PhysioCue’s hypertension therapy device and headache therapy devices are non-invasive, no pain, immediate effect, safe, easy to use, and has none of the side effects associated with anti-hypertension and headache drugs. PhysioCue’s thermo-neural therapy device that demonstrated its efficacy, in our initial clinical trial, by significantly lowering, in just 5-minute daily applications, the blood pressure of 87% of 60 subjects, over 68 days.

What is PhysioCue vision?

PhysioCue hopes our devices will save many lives. PhysioCue targets the most prevailing and common health issues; hypertension, migraine, and headache. Furthermore, the company is equipped with essential eHealth and mobile health technology ingredients, such as bio-sensors, to cope with its exponential growth in demand due to the aging and proactively health-conscious generation of the world.

Describe PhysioCue business model.

PhysioCue does not intend to manufacture, distribute or sell our devices. Instead, our go-to-market strategy uses strategic regional partnerships to accomplish these steps.
We are having a strategic partnership and licensing discussions with major medical suppliers, retail distributors and health insurers in the DNR Corp. in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Japan medical device company and PRC. Multi products ready (Hypertension therapy device, Headache migraine therapy device, bio-sensor module) & Mobile App (Migraine App, and BP monitoring App), Manufacturing our devices in large volume, huge market opportunity in the world. Devices are test and received excellent feedback from users and potential partners.

Simon Yi of PhysioCue

Simon Yi, President, COO, is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and executive with a unique combination of product vision, technical depth, and start-up expertise. His passion is to build a quality product and experience from the ground up. Simon was a co-founder of VORA OIL and was the Vice President of Technology and a co-founder at NeuroSky, which focused on the manufacturing and R&D of biosensors. He was a vice president of OpticLayer which focused on the manufacture of optical filters, wires, and wireless combine telecommunication filter system with fully integrated electronics and he was a founding member of Wavestream which focus on the manufacture of photonic and amplifiers. Simon has considerable hands-on experienced in building revenue companies from scratch. Simon’s career began at HOYA Corporation, U.S.A. Contact Simon: