February 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 586

Q&A with Steve Taplin of Sonatafy Technology

CEO & Co-Founder

Principal Series:

Sonatafy Technology is a nearshore software services company that is seeking Growth Capital (not startup capital). We have been growing over 200% annually, have a huge client pipeline and have predictable monthly recurring income from annual contracts.

Super easy to learn more and invest directly at www.wefunder.com/sonatafy.

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What's your business model?

The Company is headquartered in the US and has remote developers throughout Mexico with an expansion planned throughout Latin America. Our company is a leading provider of nearshore software developer’s services and experts in Cloud Solutions, Web and Mobile Applications, E-Commerce, Big Data, DevOps Practices, QA, IoT, and Machine Learning. Our average client engagement of more than 1 year.

How has the COVID Pandemic affected your business / industry?

The COVID Pandemic has accelerated the move towards a distributed workforce (“Work-from-home” model) which provides access to more qualified talent. This shift is driving tremendous growth and operating efficiencies at Sonatafy as the company can scale rapidly without being confined to select office locations.

Why Sonatafy?

Sonatafy Technology is an established and diversified company preferred by clients for best-in-class Nearshore software development, software consulting services / expertise and high-level customer service.
RAPIDLY growing the sales pipeline (currently over $22M in active pipeline as of 12/31/21)!
Founders and Executives of Sonatafy have a track record of growing and successfully exiting software companies and have extensive experience in IT Services and placing key software engineers. They have a proven ability to deliver high-quality talent, managed services, and consulting to clients by building high-performing teams that drive long-term value.

Year over-year projected revenue growth of ~200% with FTM projected up to ~250%+

Steve Taplin of Sonatafy Technology

Over 20 years of technology experience with a proven track record of success in both the entrepreneurial and corporate world. Steve is also regularly published in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Contact Steve: steve.taplin@sonatafy.com, 602-740-9866