October 2019
Vol 6 | Issue 259

Q&A with Top 12 Family Office Communities Published by Arthur Andrew Bavelas

Founder of Family Office Insights

Principal Series:

Learn about the top 12 family office communities and their members.

  • What they offer
  • Who they seek as members
  • Their business model
  • What region they operate
  • Founders information & Bio’s
  • Websites
  • Contact information

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Private Is Power – Family Office Insights is a private invitation only, collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors.

We accelerate the nexus of connectivity to family office investors who invest in your type of offering or opportunity. “One” can meet all these family offices without a FOI investor gathering. It just may otherwise take 2-3 years. We simply convene a group of family offices who are actively investing in your type of opportunity. FOI member family offices and other investors, attend a proper pitch gathering arranged just for you…all in one day, in New York City. Apply here


  • 15-30 family office investors attend with intention just to be pitched by you
  • You are the only presenter during the pitch from 12-2 PM
  • A short elevator pitch video is sent to over 20,000 subscribers: example
  • Over 800 family offices are invited who want to hear your pitch: example

You are provided contact information of all attendees

Family Office Insights investor gathering details:

  1. Organize an investor luncheon or afternoon forum
  2. Exclusive Solo Presentation (Minimum 2 hours)
  3. Provide 15 to 25 qualified investors who “opt-in” who have elected to hear your specific strategy and/or direct deal.
  4. Provide venue if you like
  5. Provide lunch or wine reception for attendees and presenters if you like
  6. Arthur Andrew Bavelas FOI founder will facilitate the gathering, or you can “self-host”
  7. Allow for distribution of collateral material during gathering
  8.  Contact information from attendees
  9.  Peer Insights Review Q&A distributed to over 20,000 FOI registered qualified recipients
  10.  Peer Insights Review video interview distributed to over 20,000 FOI registered qualified recipients

Family Office Insights is a voluntary, “opt-in” collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors. Join the community here www.familyofficeinsights.com

Top 12 Family Office Communities Published by Arthur Andrew Bavelas

Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Founder of BavelasGroup Family Office, Family Office InsightsFamily Office Funding Challenge* , Global Business Network & The Family Office Impact Summit

As a globally recognized entrepreneur, author, and family office investor. Arthur Bavelas is a pioneer in developing one of the first private opportunity review networks, Family Office Insights, for investors within the family office community.

Fostering a collaborative method of evaluation and delivering a more efficient potential investment pipeline, Family Office Insights initiates timely peer-to-peer review of limited access investment opportunities.

Driven by dissatisfaction at lack of choices for private capital allocation, he founded Family Office Insights in 1998 to provide meaningful access and engagement opportunities for active, socially conscious entrepreneurs and wealth managers.

Mr. Bavelas draws upon his own experience founding, building and exiting a successful technology startup to evaluate current opportunities that often feature innovative intellectual property, bridge customer/market access, or solve some of the world’s most daunting challenges.

As a co-founder of The Family Office Impact Summit and other impact efforts, Mr. Bavelas seeks to raise awareness and provide open access to technologies and innovation to effect societal and environmental change.

He frequently speaks about wealth preservation, the new economy, entrepreneurship and legacy investing. His has co-authored several books and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and many others.