June 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 587

Q&A with Andrew Wessels of The Marque

Founder & CEO

Principal Series:

  • The Marque is the leader in digital profile solutions for successful individuals. A Marque Profile is a crucial digital asset that serves as the foundation of an individual’s digital communications strategy, allowing them to present themselves online as they would in their everyday lives.

The Marque is a digital profile solutions and digital asset management company. With first impressions increasingly being formed online, Andrew Wessels, Founder & CEO of The Marque, realized the significance of a controllable digital asset on page one of Google. He noticed that many high-profile professionals were poorly represented online with out-of-date information shared and re-shared, and no clear source of trustworthy content. Prior to joining The Marque, Jody held senior sales roles at TIME and The New York Times. Chris started his professional career at Bank of America, before moving on to a career in education at the university level.

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Please tell us about The Marque

The Marque is a digital asset management company, specializing in fully managed digital profiles, digital audits, web monitoring, and digital strategies for successful individuals who are leaders in their field.

Today, the first impression you make online is as powerful as the one you make in person. As a point of engagement when individuals are searched for online, a Marque Profile provides a trusted source of information that you own and control. A Marque Profile offers a digital presence for a global audience, with factual and engaging content, which mitigates online reputational risk.

Who needs The Marque and its services?

The Marque’s clients are executives in business, entrepreneurs, non-executive directors, athletes, foundation leaders and successful individuals in a wide range of sectors. Our service provides our clients the confidence that their personal brand is protected and online assets are closely managed by a team of experienced professionals.

Our clients are at various stages of their professional lives and encompass a wide range of industries, including private equity, investments, law, asset management, crypto/blockchain, real estate, AI & technology, professional sports, and many other sectors. They are individuals who are entrepreneurial and currently leading innovative companies, pivoting in their careers, and noted for their wide range of experience in both the public and private sectors.

What other services does The Marque provide?

In addition to our Business and Sports Profiles, The Marque provides a range of services that help individuals understand and control their digital footprint.

With our Digital Audits, we take a deep dive into the internet to find information it contains about you and your activities. We provide you with detailed reports and consult with you throughout the process. This is essential guidance on your digital persona and risk mitigation. Our Digital Briefcase is a full-service offering comprising an audit of your current online presence, recommendations for improving digital assets, web monitoring, social media listening, sentiment analysis and monthly reporting. Our social listening services can extend to families.

We also build and maintain Profiles for Foundations and company Boards.

Andrew Wessels of The Marque

Prior to founding The Marque, Andrew Wessels held senior roles at J.P. Morgan and Carphone Warehouse (later Frontiers Capital). Moving his focus to innovative start-ups, Andrew assisted in the launch of Marquis Jet in Europe (later sold to NetJets) following their launch in the US, and served as CEO of Storm Solutions, a telecommunications business which he successfully exited in 2012. Andrew was also a professional cricket player in his native South Africa, before moving to the UK to begin his business career.

Contact Andrew: cbaratta@themarque.com