June 2022
Vol 8 | Issue 586

Q&A with Gregory McHale of LetsAllDoGood

Founder & CEO

Principal Series:

We connect organizations to audiences on smartphones. Simply. Effectively. Instantly. With rich, actionable content and push notifications.

Why? It’s simple – we are all fighting with our email inboxes, our social media streams. Organizations need to reach their audiences on their smartphones- the devices that’s with them all day long, and they look at 100 times a day.

We’re like DoorDash or UberConnect but instead of physical goods, we are a ‘last mile’ digital delivery platform – ensuring right information gets to the right person at the right time… right in the palm of their hand.

We work with simply amazing organizations – International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association, Tennessee Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities, Teamsters Local 577, Okefenokee Swamp Park (US Fish & Wildlife), New York State PTA, and hundreds of others.

We have two branded products in the market – LetsAllDoGood and Union Strong. We also create custom-branded apps though our “YourApp” program – think of it as WordPress for smartphone apps.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Gregory McHale a serial social entrepreneur who’s driven to help social good organizations do better. With the first company he founded in the social good space – cMarket (now BiddingForGood) – he created the online auction market for nonprofits. With LetsAllDoGood he’s redefining when, where, and how social good organizations can connect to their audiences.

June 29, 2022 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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How do you address markets that are so large (US nonprofits 1.5M, US unions 20K)?

As the old proverb says, one bite at a time. Find addressable sub-sections, experiment, expand.

Right now, we are spending more cycles on Union Strong. Within that, we are focusing on the construction trade unions – IBEW, Plumbers, Operating Engineers, and so on.

With LetsAllDoGood, we are experimenting with food insecurity, faith-based (especially Jewish organizations), public housing, PTAs, and a couple of others.

Of course, we will take anyone opportunistically and that often times leads to a new segments.

This is our approach to every market (or segment within) – establish a beachhead with a few key orgs, drive success, expand.

What is your competition?

It really is inertia – an organization staying with email and/or social. The good news is there’s almost universal frustration with both. We are all fighting with our inboxes, with our social media feeds. Our solution is about immediacy – the immediate delivery of a push notification and the resulting action (push notifications have far higher engagement and action rates than emails).

As we talk to organizations, we help them self-identify as to whether we have the right solution for them. We talk about High Intensity/High Frequency – does your audience feel strongly about what you do? That’s intensity. Do you need to speak to them often – that’s frequency.

High Intensity/High Frequency organizations respond positively to what we do.

What is the potential exit strategy for the company?

We are positioning the company for acquisition. As we scale, we acquire entry to large numbers of unions, nonprofits and communities valuable to CRM vendors. With the investment we have made (and continue to make) in our platform, we are unique and extremely attractive. When vendors in the space look to deliver content ‘the last mile’ into a smartphone it is highly likely they land on ‘buy’ versus ‘make’ - we have the proof of concept and built-in organizations and audience targets with demographic data.

Gregory McHale of LetsAllDoGood

Greg McHale is a serial social entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems in the nonprofit space. He founded cMarket, which today is BiddingForGood, the number one nonprofit fundraising auction platform.

Contact Greg: greg@letsalldogood.com