March 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 578

Q&A with Brian E. Ruszczyk of Earth First Food Ventures

CEO, Co-Founder

Principal Series:

Earth First Food Ventures (“EFFV”) is a food tech venture capital platform, structured as a Cayman Islands investment holding company (with registered number 35907) that is focused on ESG/impact investing in food technologies, plant-based assets and cell-agriculture for healthier consumers, a cleaner environment, bluer oceans, and a better planet. EFFV’s focus is also on local production for local consumption, sustainability and traceability, and lower carbon footprint.

The Company is offering a minimum of $300,000 and a maximum of $10,000,000 in shares (ticker: EFFV) at a price of US$1.00 per share, subject to certain “Early Bird” discounts and director discretion to extend the offering if market demand exceeds the Company’s anticipated cap of 10,000,000 shares. The Company has launched an international placement which has already met the minimum offering proceeds. The offering is anticipated to conclude by the second semester of 2021.

The Directors (currently the CEO and the CFO) may, at their sole discretion, offer the shares at a reduction to the stated price of US$1.00 per share by issuing additional shares such that the total price for the shares subscribed may be reduced on a per share basis, and initially propose “Early Bird” discounts for the shares as follows:

• For the first US$2 million of shares offered, 50% discount, for a minimum investment of US$500,000
• For the next US$3 million of shares offered, 20% discount

There is no ‘lock up’ period for international investors. For U.S. investors there is generally a one-year ‘lock-up’ period for restricted securities pursuant to Rule 144, or as otherwise provided under the provisions of Regulation D or other applicable securities laws.

The Company’s offering is for accredited investors; in the U.S. the offering is under Regulation D of the Securities Act, and to non-U.S. investors in reliance on provisions of Regulation S.

Investors in EFFV will gain exposure to different companies in the Food Tech space.

Co-Investment Rights:
Investors who invest either (i) in the discounted offering of the shares (with minimum investment of US$500,000) or (ii) at least $1m in the shares will have the right to co-invest in the underlying business(es) owned by the Company on a pro-rata basis to their investment in the Company. In the case where the underlying business(es) are not wholly owned by EFFV, such co-investments are subject to the final approval of the directors of the respective business(es).

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April 7, 2021 at 11:15am-12:15pm EST

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What are the opportunities in the Food Tech space that EFFV sees and seeks to capture? Why now?

Food Tech presents lucrative & positive-impact opportunities. Global consumers increasingly demand traceable, sustainable food supplies with lower carbon footprint and higher quality (without chemicals and additives).

Major corporations & investors are supporting the plant-based asset movement that is growing rapidly to meet the exponential growth of consumer demand.

The plant-based sector is positioned for explosive growth - Compounded annual growth rate anticipated of around 12%, taking the plant-based food market to US$74.2 billion by 2027.

EFFV has identified 7 leading companies in the innovative Food Tech space, covering: Plant-based food (3+), Cellular Agriculture (2) and Fermentation (2) for investment in 2021. EFFV will also build and operate its wholly-owned plant-based business, a B2C Vegetarian Fast Casual headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

What differentiates EFFV from other (similar) investment groups?

The senior management of EFFV has extensive and diverse investment experience dealing with wealthy families mostly in Latin America and select European countries. These families also run their own businesses spanning consumer goods, retail distribution, shipping & transportation among others. They may bring these resources to bear as EFFV actively contributes to the expansion of its invested companies in different markets.

In addition, EFFV management:
- Forms partnerships with visionary founders with proven execution teams,
- Invests in third-party companies that already have robust 'cap table',
- And strong distribution partners,
- Builds strategic JV partnerships with global footprint, capital and operating track-record.

What is the opportunity for Investors?

- EFFV offers direct exposure to its portfolio of underlying assets in land-based Aquaculture, B2C plant-based consumer brand, Tempeh, Cell-Agriculture and Fermentation,
- Investors have the opportunity to co-invest directly into underlying verticals on subsequent rounds,
- Investors are able to channel capital towards a better planet and healthier consumer diet,
- EFFV targets attractive returns in a fast-growing and innovative sector: potential for a 4-5x MOIC,
- EFFV curates opportunities for our investors (via direct access to our global Food Tech partners),
- EFFV will list its digital shares on the Archax exchange in London (2021).

Brian E. Ruszczyk of Earth First Food Ventures

Brian’s extensive experience in the Latin American market is built over 25 years holding senior management positions at JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Merrill Lynch. In his last position at Deutsche Bank as MD Head of East-Med (Greece and Turkey), he built key client platforms across multiple jurisdictions and tripled net revenues in three years.

Throughout his career, Brian specialised in equities, foreign exchange, foreign investment, structured products, hedge funds, private equity and liability management. He holds a BSc in International Relations from Dickinson College and a Masters in Economics and Latam Studies from John Hopkins SAIS. Email Brian: