January 2024
Vol 9 | Issue 605

Q&A with Captarget

CAPTARGET is the industry leader in fixed cost deal sourcing.

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CAPTARGET helps private equity and similar buyers reduce the cost of identifying acquisition targets for both on and off-market acquisition opportunities by building opportunity pipelines for a fixed monthly cost.  Our model eliminates the need for our clients to pay finders fees, and allows them to truly understand and control the cost associated with sourcing their next acquisition opportunity.

CAPTARGET is the industry leader in fixed cost deal sourcing.

For over 13 years, they’ve helped private equity and similar buyers reduce the cost of identifying acquisition opportunities. (That’s over 1200+ professional buyers supported, and 35,000+ acquisition opportunities identified!)

Said another way?

CAPTARGET builds you an opportunity pipeline for a fixed monthly cost. The model eliminates the need to pay finders fees, and allows you to truly understand and control the cost associated with sourcing your next close.

The average CAPTARGET client pays $2.500/month.

Interested to learn more? Drive down the cost of building your pipeline and generating new leads. Learn more here or contact the CAPTARGET team below.

CAPTARGET was named the Best Deal Origination Service Provider award by the M&A Today Global Awards 2023.

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What trends do you see impacting how family offices source acquisition opportunities?

Family offices are evolving their approach to sourcing acquisition opportunities through several key trends. They increasingly rely on technology and data analytics, using AI and big data for efficient screening and identification of potential investments. Despite technological advances, personal networks and relationships remain vital in discovering deals. Many family offices are specializing in specific sectors or niches to identify unique opportunities, while also participating more in direct investments and co-investing to gain better control and returns. There's a growing interest in ESG-focused and alternative investments, along with an exploration of global markets for potential acquisitions. Due diligence and risk assessment are prioritized, and family offices are using specialized platforms for deal flow and collaboration. They're also considering long-term goals and succession planning, reshaping their strategies for acquiring opportunities. Adaptation to evolving market trends continues to be crucial for successful acquisition strategies.

What strategies does CAPTARGET employ to support family offices focused on pipeline building?

CAPTARGET utilizes a robust data driven approach to identifying and engaging in potential investment opportunities. Through CAPTARGET it’s possible to build a healthy pipeline of quality leadflow at scale. As we know, maintaining professional relationships and staying top of mind through personal touches can go a long way in ensuring the success of future dealflow.

When is buying/accessing data not enough for family offices to be competitive in sourcing deals?

While there is nothing inherently wrong with buying or accessing data to be competitive in the deal space, we see this as the first step of many for legitimizing a pipeline. Acquiring data exports can be crucial but without the ability to interpret, validate, and create an action plan for what to do with that data you end up having a toolbox without the knowledge of how to fully utilize the tools. To be competitive in the deal space our clients need more than just raw data. CAPTARGET provides a nuanced perspective, along with the ability to interpret the data effectively and the agility to adapt to changing landscapes. It’s about knowing how to turn data into actionable insights and leveraging it in a way that sets them apart from other buyers.

Have family offices started to feel the impact of AI on sourcing, and top of funnel deal activity?

Family offices are increasingly using AI to improve their deal sourcing and initial funnel activities. AI aids in analyzing vast amounts of data, automating screening, providing predictive analytics, supporting due diligence, and enhancing efficiency. While it streamlines processes and saves time,it's essential to note that while AI offers significant benefits, it doesn't replace the need for human expertise and judgment in making final investment decisions. Family offices are still reliant on experienced professionals to interpret AI-generated insights and make strategic investment choices.

How will developments of services like CAPTARGET and others impact the traditional buyside service providers, long term?

Managed services providers such as CAPTARGET have the ability to pair efficiency with cost reduction. Our process streamlines sourcing and our modest fee for service based economic model allows clients exponential savings per lead. As clients and the world become more tech savvy, expectations regarding speed and accuracy will also increase. It’s the obligation of providers to meet and exceed these demands.


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