December 2023
Vol 9 | Issue 608

Q&A with Robert Hefty of Cobalt Investment Partners


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Cobalt Investment Partners is a group of experienced professionals sourcing quality commercial real estate opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are focused on constantly expanding our network of trusted industry professionals to enhance deal flow and support along the way. Our goal is to deliver exceptional returns while providing an atmosphere of open communication. Our team combines expertise in real estate, business, and analytics spanning multiple economic cycles and capital market shifts, which allows us to examine each opportunity with a holistic perspective. This unique perspective along with our broad relationships across the brokerage and entrepreneurial communities, enables us to build value and deliver consistent, strong returns to our partners.

We are pleased to announce a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Robert Hefty and Daniel Plouffe of Cobalt Investment Partners.

Robert has spent the past several years focused on privately offered, commercial real estate investments in the San Francisco East Bay Area. Daniel studied Real Estate at Berkeley Haas, has been investing in Real Estate syndications across the country for years, and joined Robert at Cobalt Investment partners two years ago. Robert and Daniel are entrenched in the Bay Area industrial manufacturing sector, with several current properties under management to serve this market. Daniel and Robert both come from a prior life in high-tech semiconductor manufacturing, and seek to deliver strong returns to our friends, family, and close network of investment partners.

December 28th, 2023 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
RSVP & Confirmation Required
Investors Only Please

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Do Cobalt partners invest their own capital into the deals?

We invest our own capital in every deal we put together. If we don’t believe in a deal enough to put in our own funds, we won’t propose it to you.

What is the "East Bay" and why is it a good submarket for Real Estate Investing?

The San Francisco Bay Area has been Ground Zero for global innovation. The East Bay is the industrial powerhouse that supports the explosion of technology in Silicon Valley. The open space and the proximity to both Silicon Valley and San Francisco has made the East Bay a premier location for skilled high-tech workforce housing.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley became saturated, and rents grew too high. People began moving to the East Bay and now, combined with Covid-related relocations and increasing crime rates, more and more innovative business leaders are locating their operations in the East Bay.

We believe that Commercial Real Estate growth in the East Bay will outpace the broader San Francisco Bay Area market. All indicators point toward this trend continuing for the long term.

Do you have any upcoming deals?

Yes! We are working on an interesting industrial manufacturing deal in Berkeley, CA set to close in January 2024. Please reach out if you would like any more information.

Robert Hefty of Cobalt Investment Partners

Robert Hefty founded Cobalt Investment Partners in 2017 and oversees all of the investment projects. He spent the first 15 years of his career working in customer support, business development, and operations in the technology sector for Lam Research Corp. Responsible for developing the pricing strategy for all products for several customers, he was a key contributor to their rise from $500 million per year in annual revenue to over $11 billion by the time he transitioned out to focus on real estate. Robert played men’s volleyball for UCSB, where he was the 1998 Big West Student-Athlete of the Year. He received his bachelor’s degree from the College of Creative Studies. Following his successful career in college athletics, he earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from MIT in 2003. He continues to use his creative problem-solving skills and insight in inter-related systems both in his business and on the water, spending a portion of the summer off the coast of Southern California hunting for tuna and striped marlin.


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