September 2020
Vol 7 | Issue 334

Q&A with Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters of CBxShield


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CBxShield enters the dual multi-billion industries of CBD and Nutraceuticals with a citrus-derived CBD that has the exact same efficacy as cannabis or hemp-derived CBD. Using citrus-derived CBD for the CBxShield CBD/Adaptogen line of products allows the products to be sold on the global market. In the age of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases there is an increasing and necessary demand for natural remedies to protect and boost the immune system. CBD, known for its immune and anti-inflammatory properties, coupled with the adaptogen, reishi mushroom, a 3000 years old medicine used to achieve homeostasis within the immune system, creates a product line that will be in demand during these pandemic times with the ability to be sold globally. CBxShield has already been approved for sale in Japan and the UK and within the next two months, the EU, South Africa, Australia and India.

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Why is CBxShield the next level of CBD products in this multi-billion dollar industry?

CBxShield uses limonene-derived CBD from citrus bypassing the legal issues associated with cannabis and hemp derived CBD. Unlike cannabis-derived CBD that is only available to be sold in the state where the cannabis was grown and hemp-derived CBD that can mostly only be sold in the U.S., the CBD that CBxShield uses is a pharmaceutical grade CBD that can be sold globally with guaranteed purity, efficacy and repeatable outcomes.

CBxShield's first product line, CBxReishi leverages the strengths of two well known healing modalities in eastern and western cultures. The CBD and Reishi markets are both in the billions and are widely accepted as immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, and most importantly, natural medicines. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new way of thinking about how to protect your health from this on-going deadly virus, as well as a multitude of other illnesses. This potent product is poised to become a daily ritual for those who want the best chances at creating and maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. On their own, both CBD (a cannabinoid) and reishi mushroom (an adaptogen) are powerful tools in the fight against immune threatening illnesses. Combined they are a natural and holistic force to add to your daily routine. There are several concurrent studies that suggest that CBD may protect the immune system from Covid-19 (Forbes: and countless studies espousing the healing effects of reishi. This is the right product at the right time. Now is the time to invest in a product with superior CBD and global reach. That product is CBxShield.

Why should you attend and listen to this Q&A Session?

First, we will provide the first globally available CBD/Adaptogen products which will positively impact millions of lives. Second, we believe the pharmaceutical grade CBD we use for our products, with a shelf life of over two years, will become as ubiquitous as aspirin . Third, we have existing sales and distribution pipelines in over five countries and the U.S. waiting for these products to be ready for market. With your investment we can have this product ready to ship within 8 weeks.

Why is CBxShield the right product at the right time?

Christine and George both have successful entrepreneurial careers in the cannabis and CBD industry. CBxShield is the natural evolution of their combined expertise and experiences. Both co-founders have suffered health challenges that have been and continue to be mitigated by the daily use of CBD. In the time of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, more than anything else, investment in products that protect and enhance your immune system will be in constant demand. It is vital that we remind the world of the real and transformative power of natural healing products. CBD is no longer fringe product. Pairing CBD with other natural remedies such as reishi mushrooms is only the first step toward a modernized natural pharmacopeia.

CBxShield is uniquely positioned to combat the current COVID pandemic, and it will be there for the future’s infectious diseases as well. The alchemic synergy provided by select natural substances is just as effective in combating infectious disease as prescription drugs. Invest in the fight against current and future pandemics with CBxShield.

Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters of CBxShield

Christine spent 20 years as a systems and database architect in tech before coming to the cannabis and CBD industry. She is a social entrepreneur who has spent most of her adult life building businesses that creatively engage and employ the local communities that surround them. A history in technology, business consulting and entrepreneurship were part of the trajectory that led to co-owning successful cannabis businesses in both California and Oregon. She is a well-respected business leader and advocate in the natural remedy industries.

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George has successfully grown Citrus Supplements organically over the last two years into an international CBD distribution company. With products currently in the UK, Japan and India along with agreements in S. Africa, Vietnam and Australia, the company is poised for major expansion. George has negotiated contracts with manufacturers and distribution partners in multiple geographies as well as providing marketing and regulatory information to his clients. CBxShield represents the next step in this evolution