January 2024
Vol 9 | Issue 614

Q&A with Darren Schuback of The Whiskey Project Group


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The Whiskey Project Group (TWPG or the Company) is a global leader in specialist and military watercraft innovation whose customers rely on their watercraft to perform in the most challenging of conditions where there are many variables that cannot be controlled. By utilising their real-world experience of contemporary maritime operational requirements, and decades of design and manufacturing expertise, TWPG delivers high performance tactical watercraft that provide the end user with a competitive advantage.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Darren Schuback of The Whiskey Project Group

With pressure mounting globally from potential adversaries in the Indo-Pacific and European regions, founded by former Navy and Special Operations veterans The Whiskey Project Group is addressing an urgent global need with next generation tactical watercraft for Defence and Government applications that provide a true capability advantage to lour warfighters. Come and join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar/Teleconference featuring The Whiskey Project Group’s CEO, Darren Schuback and Chairman, Paul Billingham as they seek investment to expand there operations domestically to deliver on key US based contracts.

January 31, 2024 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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What divisions make up The Whiskey Project Group?

1. The Whiskey Project: next generation tactical watercraft, consisting of the Alpha (30ft) and Bravo (40ft) variants, represents unprecedented innovation in tactical combatant craft. Designed to perform in demanding conditions utilising deep operational experience, underpinned by decades of design and manufacturing expertise to deliver high performance watercraft that provide the end user with a competitive advantage.

2. Naiad: with global maritime design expertise and founded in the late 1970s, Naiad is an Australian and New Zealand naval architecture company that developed one of the world’s first Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) designs. Since then, Naiad vessels have established a strong reputation for being tough, dependable, high-performance watercraft with exceptional sea keeping capabilities.

3. Yamba Welding & Engineering (YWE): Over 45 years, YWE has forged a reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted Federal and State Government aluminium boat manufacturers. With a reputation for excellence and working to a strict Quality Assurance System with full ISO 9001, YWE has grown into a significant regional employer supported by an extensive network of local supply chain partners.

What do your current US DoD contracts consist of and what is the market potential?

The unique design and specifications of the vessels has resulted in recent success with the US Department of Defence (DoD). In April 2023 the Company secured its first US$12.5 million contract for 4 Whiskey Bravo vessels for the US Marine Corps (USMC) followed by a further order in August 2023 from for 4 Whiskey Alpha vessels for ~US$8.0 million plus an additional ~US$3.0m in sensor equipment to the DoD’s Defence Innovation Unit (DIU) for rapid testing and evaluation as the precursor to broader production. Both of these contracts are now underway with milestone payments having been received from the DoD. Discussions for further follow-on orders across multiple departments within the US DoD are progressing. These orders continue to provide validation for the Company’s capabilities and demonstrates the DoD’s confidence in their product offering.

Opportunities have also been identified to supply Whiskey watercraft to other foreign national military branches, including the US foreign military sales program. Management expects an interim contract for c.16 Whiskey Bravo craft to fulfil the USMC’s immediate urgent need within the next 12 months with a larger Program of Record being prepared concurrently which is expected to be funded in FY26. The total revenue opportunity is expected to exceed US$1Bn over the next 10+ years [and TWPG has a first mover advantage against incumbent suppliers who continue to supply vessels to the DoD based on 30 year old technology.]

What is The Whiskey Project Groups track record?

• Recent contracts secured with the US DOD’s DIU for 4 Whiskey Alpha and 4 Whiskey Bravo vessels
• 200+ vessels delivered to the Australian Federal and State Government Agencies over the past decade
• Trusted Australian and New Zealand naval design, engineering and manufacturing
• Proven solution that meets the immediate requirements of current and imminent Defence procurement programs
• Naiad is the predominant government agency solution in rescue and patrol and are used by the Australian Border Force, Army and Navy
• Significant upcoming procurement programs in Australia and NZ Defence for Naiad

Darren Schuback of The Whiskey Project Group

Darren is an Australian entrepreneur and award-winning CEO who founded The Whiskey Project Group in 2019 with the mission to create operator-focused watercraft that provide optimal performance and protection for those who risk their lives in the maritime environment. Darren is a former military officer with over 24 years of operational and leadership experience in the Royal Australian Navy and ADF Special Operations. Darren’s naval experience included operational oversight of a warfare operation command centre, a military training institution, naval warships and a special operations counter terrorism unit. In each of these roles he designed and led the deployment of operational strategies to meet Australian Defence Force directives. Darren has a distinguished record in leading, mentoring and guiding staff at all levels within his organisation, through change management projects, cultural improvement and creating efficiencies in capability output. Darren is professionally renowned for ‘making it happen’- converting project plans into successful outcomes. This unwavering focus is now concentrated on The Whiskey Project Group, which he oversees as Chief Executive Officer.

Contact Darre: darren.schuback@thewhiskeyprojectgroup.com