February 2024
Vol 9 | Issue 615

Q&A with Brad Moss of Enhanced Ai


Luminary Series:

Enhanced Ai is a technology company that improves business operations through AI Automation. Their ground-breaking platform, FluxPrompt, enables Business Operators to combine the best of the best AI toolsets into smart workflows that increase performance 10-15x within their departments. Cut through all the AI hype – this platform is what the future of AI is really about: Build, Connect, and Automate the most powerful tools in the world.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Brad Moss a serial entrepreneur on a mission to exponentially improve work quality and efficiency by automating and connecting the most powerful AI technologies of today. Brad has spent years researching and developing an AI Automation platform called FluxPrompt, that has the power to 10x the output of business operators in just a few hours. Prior to launching FluxPrompt, Brad exited 3 businesses, built a new $1B business working inside of Amazon, and notably ran the Seller Central Platform ($200B/yr rev).

February 08, 2024 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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As a business person frequently exposed to new technology, why should I consider Ai as more than just another trend?

Having been deeply involved in creating substantial business frameworks, like my $1B new business within Amazon, I understand the impact of practical technology. A recent BCG study found a 40% performance improvement for consultants using Ai vs those without. This is powerful technology that is here to stay.
We've been focusing on the practical implementation of Ai into a business for the past 2 years and that's why we've developer the powerful platform that we have.

Ok, so Ai is great and all, but how do I implement it into my business?

Businesses are a series of operations and deliverables. The most efficient businesses have automated many of these operations and deliverables. To implement Ai into a business, you need to CONNECT it into existing processes, and also Automate the results and deliverables from Ai back to the customer. Simply using Ai will only get you so far.

In order to think through the large term, Ai, and where and how it helps, we studied the applications and created a 3-area framework where Ai is most applicable for results and automation. We call it: ACE framework
(Analyze, Create, Execute)
Analyze: Ai is amazing at analyzing large sets of data and giving concise summaries, or being a research companion through analysis.
Creative: We've all seen the power of Ai to create Poem, Images, and even music. We can now all be the director of our own creative content.
Execution: Ai is amazing at processing, or executing repetitive tasks over and over again. These are typically done by engineering, but Ai shortcuts the need for specific coding to execute complicated commands.

Ai is moving so fast. How can one even keep up?

Ai's pace is exhilarating, and we love it! On our FluxPrompt Ai Automation platform we embrace this rapid evolution by continuously integrating the latest advancements into a dynamic ecosystem that amalgamates all AI toolsets in one place.
As Ai grows, so does FluxPrompt's capacity, offering increasingly powerful and sophisticated workflows to tackle complex challenges and enhance content creation. Our users are not just keeping up; they're leading the charge.

Brad Moss of Enhanced Ai

Founder, CEO

3X Exits
Ex Amazon – product leader over Amazon Seller Central Platform ($65B/yr); New Amazon Seller App, (launch to $335M/yr)
Product Labs founder – generated $2B+ in e-commerce sales
Utah #1 in Utah 25
EO #1 Grad Entrepreneur of the Year 2012
MBA from BYU

Contact Brad: brad@enhanced.ai