February 2024
Vol 9 | Issue 613

Q&A with Stewart Skomra of Tier 1 Solar, Inc.


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Tier1 is revolutionizing the green construction and renewable energy sectors with its innovative use of graphene with offtake partners including the largest engineering and construction and renewable energy development companies that will buy as much graphene as Tier1 can produce. Tier1 has developed an innovative and integrated approach to solve the quality economical graphene production problem while harnessing the disruptive potential of graphene for the first two of many industry verticals.

Join us for a private Family Office Insights Webinar featuring Stewart Skomra whose company Tier 1 Graphene (Tier1) is on a mission to reestablish U.S. high technology manufacturing excellence by exploiting revolutionary innovations enabled by the wonder material graphene. By solving the problem of producing affordable quality graphene at scale, Tier1 is ushering in transformative innovations in Green Construction and Energy Storage, the first two of many industries to benefit from graphene. Prior to Tier1, Stewart pioneered products at IBM, Intel, Qualcomm, along with several startups including one that delivered Wi-Fi.

February 13, 2024 at 2:15pm-3:15pm EST
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How does Tier1's production process differ from other existing methods in the market, and what advantages does it offer?

Tier1's production process is a game-changer in the graphene market, primarily due to our patented Biocene® production technology. Unlike traditional methods like Mechanical Exfoliation or Chemical Vapor Deposition, which are either labor-intensive or costly and complex, our process is both energy-efficient and scalable. It allows us to produce high-quality graphene from biochar at a significantly lower cost and with a smaller environmental footprint. This scalability and cost-effectiveness mean we can meet large-scale industrial demands for graphene, making it more accessible for widespread use across various industries.

What is Tier1's strategy to capture market share in the highly competitive graphene market, and who are your main competitors?

Tier1's strategy hinges on two key differentiators: our innovative production technology and our strategic industry focus. We have positioned ourselves in rapidly growing sectors such as green construction and energy storage, where the unique properties of graphene have a transformative impact. By partnering with leading companies in these sectors and focusing on verticals with high growth potential, we aim to capture significant market share. Our main competitors are other graphene producers that are positioned to compete against one another in the bulk materials space. We have positioned ourselves, by backward integrating into the supply chain and forward integrating into the marketplace, to be able to benefit from the "Red Ocean" cutthroat competition in the materials space enjoying very attractive margins in the solution space. Our advanced technology and market-specific approach give us a competitive edge.

What are Tier1's plans for the use of the $30 million in funding, and how will this investment accelerate the company's growth?

The $30 million funding will be strategically allocated to scale our operations and enhance our product development. Key investments include scaling up our Biocene® production facility in Puerto Rico, acquiring the PermaStrong building system, and developing new products in both our Green Construction and Energy Storage Business Units. This investment will also bolster our marketing, sales, and operations, enabling us to reach new markets and customers. With this funding, Tier1 aims to triple our current production capacity, significantly expand our product offerings, and establish ourselves as leaders in the graphene market, thus accelerating our growth trajectory.

Stewart Skomra of Tier 1 Solar, Inc.

Incoming Chief Executive: Stewart Skomra is set to lead Tier1 as the Chief Executive. He brings a rich history of leadership and innovation, previously serving as CEO at OmniQuest. Skomra has a diverse background in product development with roles at IBM, Intel, Qualcomm, and Trimble Navigation. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. An inventive mind, Stewart has contributed to the tech world as the inventor of 13 patents, focusing on mobile computing, wireless technology, semiconductors, and software. His entrepreneurial spirit is evidenced by his experience in founding multiple startups and his proficiency in venture capital, fundraising, and public offerings.

Contact Stewart : stewart.a.skomra@tier1graphene.com