February 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 564

Q&A with David Siegel of the Giordano Bruno Institute


Principal Series:

The Giordano Bruno Institute is a new nonprofit that will build a new platform for our digital lives. We will create an advertising-free platform with your personal data at its center. You own it. You control it. You never sell your data or see ads. This is a completely different paradigm than today’s “extractive” apps and web sites.

David is looking for donors to help start his new nonprofit institute.

February 26th at 2:15pm-3:15 pm EST



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What problem are you solving?

Did you see The Social Dilemma? Are you concerned about our use of technology and how other companies use your data? Are you concerned about your children and the amount of time they spend on platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

A small number of large companies own and control almost all our data now. Companies pay to accumulate your data, predict (or cause) your behavior, and maximize their profits. Worldwide, advertising is expected to exceed $600 billion this year, more than a third of it mobile advertising. If you use a smart phone, those ads and those ad-driven business models will become more and more a part of our lives. If the product is free, YOU are the product.

What is your solution?

David wants to create a safe and open platform for individuals to make their own social connections and interact with vendors on their terms. The platform turns the usual “push” business model around to become a “pull” model with consumers in the center, rather than at the end of the supply chain. He has written a book about this and already tried once. He has the vision and the experience to create an alternative platform to Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, etc.

What do you need?

The first nonprofit raised money via a blockchain token sale. This one is a regular 501 (C)(3) nonprofit in the US. David is looking for donors to put in the first $3 million to get started. As many family offices have benefitted tremendously from the events of 2020, now is a time to think and go big with moonshot projects that can help billions of people. The Giordano Bruno Institute has the best chance to solve the problems of "The Social Dilemma." We are looking for donors and partners to help us build a better future.

David Siegel of the Giordano Bruno Institute

David Siegel is a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who has started more than a dozen companies and was once a candidate to be the dean of Stanford business school. He has written five books, including his 2010 book, Pull, in which he described a smarter way to use data and the “personal data locker” to give everyone freedom from the data trap. In 2017, he raised $21 million to build this solution as a blockchain-based nonprofit called The Pillar Project. The project is doing well, the app is in the app store, but the team wanted to stick with blockchain finance and not personal data. He is now raising money to do it again – this time as a US-based nonprofit. Contact David: