February 2021
Vol 8 | Issue 565

Q&A with Sasha Cucuz – Society Living & Greybrook Realty Partners

Co-founder of Society Living and CEO of Greybrook Securities Inc.

Principal Series:

Society Living is a nationwide multifamily apartment platform that is redefining the modern urban renter experience, developing unique social communities that provide a fun, convenient and affordable way to live, work and play in the heart of major urban centers across the US.

Society Living communities deliver unmatched social experience through a tech enabled, community-focused lifestyle offering and access to expansive in-demand amenities. Delivering affordability in prime urban locations is at the center of the Society Living model. Through efficient design, smaller unit formats and our co-living program, we offer urban renters with the ability to live how and where they want, all within an achievable/attainable price point.

We about to launch a Society Denver Offering, Society Atlanta and Society Nashville.

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What factors differentiate Society Living and how is multi-family living evolving?

All Society Living buildings are purpose-built to incorporate the social living concept. PMG and Greybrook come from a development background and design all aspects of the building are designed from the ground up to reflect the brand. The buildings include premium amenities including oversized gym, co-working spaces, pools, bars, coffee shops and more. What really sets the brand apart from other multi-family offerings is the social programming. Buildings drive to create communities through offering various events from yoga to professional networking events, group cooking classes to movie screenings, Society Living’s tailored social programming delivers a level of social engagement that many renters are seeking. Society Living also maintains a first mover advantage as it is the largest national operator of multi-family buildings with co-living units in the United States.

Is this considered co-living and how does it work?

Our society buildings do include a portion of co-living space but are not purely a co-living strategy. Co-living represents a solution to a growing rental affordability issue affecting many cities across North America. At its core the concept is straightforward, co-living offers a rent by-bedroom option within a multi-family building where tenants can rent by bedroom. Renters are effectively trading space for dollars and are able to enter grade A buildings in prime urban locations at a new price point. While from a total dollar perspective rent by-bedroom is the most affordable option for a renter, from an asset owner’s perspective rent by bedroom can offer higher per square foot rents. All co-living units within Society Living come with an ensuite bathroom, an individually managed lease, cleaning for common spaces and roommate matching within the highly amenitized buildings.

What are your expansion plans?

Throughout the course of the pandemic, Greybrook and our partner PMG’s social living communities have shown considerable strength and resiliency with strong lease-up activity, rents, and occupancy rates as a result of our unmatched ability to offer desirable urban living options at the most affordable price points, particularly at a time when the number of renters in many U.S. urban markets is accelerating.

Looking ahead, we intend to significantly increase our investments in on our Society Living platform in 2021 as we believe the demand for this multi-family asset class offers an exceptional risk-adjusted return profile for our investors. We are currently assessing a number of new markets to expand our Society Living platform in the U.S and are very excited to announce our next targeted Society Living development will be in Denver, Colorado. We expect to launch the investment offering for Society Denver in Q1. In addition to Denver, we are currently evaluating opportunities in Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia.

Sasha Cucuz – Society Living & Greybrook Realty Partners

As the co-founder of society Living and the CEO of Greybrook Securities Inc., Sasha, is responsible for co-managing the firm’s operation and investment strategy. Together with his partners, Sasha has played a significant role in growing Greybrook’s real estate investment portfolio to include over 80 multi-family and residential development projects throughout North America, representing over $17 billion worth of estimated completion value. Under Sasha’s leadership, the firm currently manages over $1.2 billion of equity on behalf of more than 6,800 high net worth individual and institutional clients located in over 30 countries. Sasha also serves as the Co-chair of Greybrook’s Investment and Project Advisory Committees where he is part of the team responsible for approving new acquisitions and overseeing existing limited partnerships. (Read More)

Contact Sasha: invest@greybrook.com